I’m with God because my relationship with the

I’m glad you didn’t come to Sydney & to my home.. because God knew it wasn’t the right way and thats why he stopped you from coming  & I don’t mean that in a bad way.. I said I think Im way to different…? because the lords teachings as been to instilled in my mind & my spirit. You are right about how you should start your next relationship with a woman by dating because I have same way of thinking & it is the right way..My answer still stands but I wanted you to see why I thought I’m way to different to what your use to..I listen to very intiligent preachers & I just wanted to share one last thing with you so you could see  where I was coming from about me being careful about entering a relationship, dating & marriage..the next text I shared a link to a video… I learn alot from home but God is everywhere.. this pastor was married for nearly 30 years him & his wife died together in a plane crash..I wish we had pastors like him here in Australia…I’ve decided to go to a seven Day Adventist church its funny because my sister goes to that church & I really liked the one in Alice springs also..I use to go to another church but I’m changing we must go where God wants us.. however I still believe  he is  everywhere…I hope you get right with God also…once you watch the video link you will understand why my way of thinking is different especially when it comes to relationships..I don’t want to talk I just want to share this one last thing with you.. so you could understand why my way of thinking was different about relationships..I need someone who is like minded with me & at a deeper level with God because my relationship with the lord is most important to me now…This preacher may not be for all but my goodness he made so much sense to me..& I just wanted to share. I hope you draw near to God again as well as he is the only way. Please don’t respond I just wanted you to see why I thought I was to different. See ya & stay blessed.