image Google apps and Apps store to be

image or record video for further requirement.
Also, commonly alarm warning are installed to attract neighbourhood attention
about the criminal event.

Rapid development of internet services and
mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet has shift the function of PC in
monitoring home security system. There is application that has been develop for
home security system which send message to mobile device implementing GSM (Global
System for Mobile) Modem indicate there is a possible intrusion and message
need to be reply to trigger the alarm in the house to aware surrounding with
the criminal action.1

Review from online data has been compare in
table 2, there is also various type of existing mobile application for home
security system available on Google apps and Apps store to be implemented on
home security system either applicable on their own product or vice versa.




As anything are moving fast now, criminal
event sometimes is much faster than our action when the security system only
send exclusive alert to the house owner. Alarm warnings are meant to attract surrounding
attention but with the world culture nowadays, not everyone will really care
about any external alert. An exclusive alert also need to be sent towards
specific responsible user for specific location for an immediate action.

Based on the previous research, this project
is proposed to use a different sensor which is camera to detect motion based on
threshold value. The sensitivity of motion sensor can be adjusted by changing
the threshold value. There is no coding needed for this motion sensor make it
easy to apply, the threshold value setting can directly setup on MotionEye
webpage. Since Raspberry Pi 2 has four slot of USB port, maximum four cameras
can be used to monitor the house. Monitor the home security system through
website that are mobile friendly so no third parties are need. Live streaming
and playback of captured image is also available in the website. Community
involvement is important to prevent the criminal action, instead of just an
alarm to scared the culprit and attract neighbour attention, house owner can
send a message through community group inside the website, a direct
notification through email will be sent toward the committee members, nearby
police station and trusted neighbour.

1 Secured Smart Home
Energy Monitoring System (Sshems) using Raspberry Pi