Image precision of the work. This service is

Masking is an advanced level of Clipping
Path which is mostly used for more precision of the work. This service is
mostly used for images with hair or fur to give it a smooth look rather than a
straight cut.

masking can be integrated with services like background removal, clipping
path, image retouching etc. We
can classify the service in four major parts:

Layer Mask Service

Layer Masking can be performed by alpha masking, transparent
layer masking. Here the image will have two different layers, the original
layer and the masked layer. This helps the customer to determine the difference
between the image how the masking as affected the image. They can turn on the
mask layer to see the after image or turn off the layer to see the original
image. Thus enabling the customer to have a choice and use them based on their

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Object Mask Service

Object Masking focuses on the background of an image or the
back elements of the image. For example let’s say we have a product in front of
a background. Here if we keep the background and remove the product by masking
it will simplify as Object Masking Service. This is very useful in keeping
background of images and later using them for the backdrop of many different

Refine Edge Masking

Refine Edge Masking is part of layer mask but much more
precise and smooth. Here we use a tool in Adobe Photoshop called “Refine Edge”.
This helps us to recreate and bring out the image in a more natural and
beautiful way without looking photo shopped or just a cutout image. The main
uses of this service are for images of models with fly away hair and clothing
images with fur, Etc.

Color Masking Service

Color Masking is a combined service which includes, clipping path, then refine edge masking
and color correction as well.
Firstly, we have use pen tool do a basic clipping path of any given object or
model then using refine edge tool we would take the critical elements of the
image like hair or fur of the clothing. Then on that masked image we would
insert or input color based on the client’s requirements. Thus a very important
and useful service known as Color Masking Service.

conclusion Image Masking service has many different uses and as always it is
upto to the requirements of the customer and the imagination of the designer
that sets its limit.  This service goes
hand in hand with many other services. We at Clip N Touch take pride in working in sync just like our services.