Imagine about how he “wants to be free”

Imagine yourself in the crowd protesting for Net Neutrality and seeing signs like ” Sign loading..”, “Please upgrade your plan to see this sign”. The reason people protest is that they don’t think something is right and by protesting, it makes the people more aware of the situation. The people who are protesting, it made people aware of the situation and that’s what some of the protesters want people to notice. Protests are seen as a way of standing up for yourself and the betterment of society. It makes people aware of the situation and why you are protesting. Protest affects change in many ways such as bringing people together, spreading awareness and it forces people to think differently.There are also of reasons that people protests but some of the outcomes of it is that it brings people together. According to Stereo William in “Is Hip-hop Still “CNN For Black People?” “The block parties that birthed hip-hop were intended to bring black youth together under a banner of unity and creativity.” Here the author is saying that the block parties that were happening at this time are similar to how protesting brings people together. For instance, this could relate to protesting because it begins everyone and it’s a sign of unity. This means that when a group of people get together and they agree on the same thing like protesting or liking the same type of music, it brings them closer together. Therefore, protesting brings people together because it makes them feel like they have unity or bond amongst themselves. By these people protesting, it makes the public aware of their protesting.  By protesting, it makes people aware of what you’re doing and it makes them interested in why you are protesting. According to J.Cole in his song “Be Free”, he speaks about how he “wants to be free” and how “he wants to take the chains off.” J.Cole is explaining what is going on in society and by making a song about it, it spreads awareness.  For instance, this song was a way to explain how J.Cole feels and to spread awareness about police brutality.This means since the song could be seen as a protest and also meant to spread awareness, people are going to speak out about it and try to get people to stop the police brutality. Therefore, songs could be used as a way to spread awareness about a situation and maybe put a stop on it. While this spreads awareness, it also makes people have open minds about things. As people protest, it forces the people to think differently. According to Bryan Brown in “The Art of Protest” he says “As acts of protest, their purpose is to make you react and think about the world in a new way.” The art that is used in protests makes people think of a different side of the argument. For instance, it’s another way of showing what the people are protesting in a visual way. This means that using art is an effective way of trying to getting your point across in a protest. Therefore, using art in protests can be more effective in getting people’s attention. Art is a good way of focusing people to think differently and see things and people in a different way.The most effective ways of protesting are bringing people together, spreading awareness about the situation and forcing people to think differently by using art. When people are a part of a protest and they agree on the same things, it brings them together. If the protest gets big enough, it catches people attention and makes people interested in it. It also forces people to think differently, they try to look at both sides of the situation. Overall, protesting has affected change in American society. It has brought people together, it has spread awareness about something, and it makes people open minded to both sides of the situations.