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Imagine if at this moment your city had just went under a tornado warning and you were in so much shock you just froze and did nothing. Well this article isn’t here for nothing!How Tornadoes Are Formed I am here to tell you how to deal with these kind of situations and not freeze. Now, let’s start off with how tornadoes are even formed. It all begins when there are fast moving winds coming from east and west to start to make a circular vortex that can move very fast. Once that happens, warm air lifts up the tunnel of wind to have it move in any direction.             How to Get Safety Now, when you are in a situation of a tornado coming towards you this is how you get to safety. The first thing you want to do is to seek shelter immediately and get to the lowest point you can reach. Get under something sturdy such as a table and cover yourself with something cushiny. Also, always make sure to cover your head with your neck and arms. Try to put yourself behind as many walls as possible. Never freeze during this type of a situation because that could put you and others in even worse danger.How Fast They can TravelFirst off depending on what kind of tornado it is there can be different times on when the tornado is in view. Today, if it is an EF-0 tornado that is a very good thing because at 65-85 mph winds won’t do a lot of damage. If we step it up a notch we come to a EF-1 which can go 86-110 mph. That is not horrible but it does more damage than a EF-0. An EF-2 can go 111-135 mph and a EF-3 can go 136-165 mph. The second to last one on the fujita scale is a EF-4 that can go up to 207-260 mph. This is where it gets really bad. Now the last one, a EF-5 tornado. That can go up to 261-318 mph!Most Popular Places to Touch DownThese are the most popular places tornadoes like to touch down: Johnson County Texas, Lee County Florida, Hall County, Nebraska, Cleveland County Oklahoma, Lafayette Parish Louisiana, Adams County Colorado, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Jefferson Parish Louisiana, Galveston County Texas, Pinellas County Florida.The Effect Of a TornadoLike all natural disasters they end up with massive destruction to homes and can cause a lot of casualties. About 60 people per year die because of flying debris. Tornadoes also really affect the environment by destroying buildings and trees. Tornadoes can kill animals which affects the food chain and messes up the whole environment. Tornadoes destroy our farms which means there will be food shortages around the area.How to Recover Keep calm at all times. Stay in your shelter until after the storm is over. Check everybody around you and make sure that they are ok. When you go outside be careful and watch for downed power lines. Recovering from a tornado is a slow process. Safety is usually a issue but if help is available, knowing how to get access makes the process faster and less stressful. The best advice to you is that a tornado ever were to hit you area use this article to help you out along the way.