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In this essay I will be talking about how some parents are a bad influence on children.We all know that children need to be cared for and nourished in order to survive. But some people do not do that to their children. In this essay I will talk about some forms of abuse that there are. There is verbal abuse there is physical abuse and  there is domestic violence . All of these are showed in the book Forged by Fire. First I will be talking about verbal abuse. In the book Forged by Fire at the beginning of the book it shows how Monique is screaming at Gerald and saying that if he didn’t sit down she said she would bust up his greasy face. This shows an example of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse has a great effect on children because if you start calling them bad names children might think that they are not wanted anymore. A child is a plant that needs to be nourished and cared for and if you do not nourish it and make it feel not wanted the plant will die.  Next I will be talking about physical abuse. Physical abuse is shown throughout the book many times. Gerald and Angel are hit by Jordan many times. Physical abuse can leave a child physically and emotionally broken. Children need affection but by physically abusing them you are not showing them any love and kindness you are just showing them what a bad parent you are and that they do not deserve such bad parents. Lastly I will be talking about Domestic violence. Domestic violence is showed throughout the book between Monique and Jordan. Jordan as the father was teaching the rest of his family “respect” by hitting them. Honestly I think that Monique was not as ignorant as she seemed. Monique would agree with Jordan because he had a job and he was buying them food and etc. . Monique knew she would not be able to sustain the family all by herself so she put up with it. Domestic Violence has a negative impact on children. When the children see their parents arguing they immediately think that they are causing these arguments. Overall any type of abuse has a bad impact on children. And if those children don’t receive that affection and love that they need they will do very bad things or start thinking bad things. I am writing this essay in hope that the parents that are abusing their children will come to their senses. If they do not stop they will only make things worse for their family and children.