In and achieve contentment through whom they were.

  In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the creature is created by Victor Frankenstein due to his extreme obsession with attaining knowledge and achieving greatness. From the following excerpts, various similarities and difference between the creature and Victor Frankenstein are shown. They both are similar in the sense that they both crave some sort of recognition from society and wanted to feel accepted ,along with both having high ambitions from themselves. Differences between the two include how Victor felt he had a greater duty to mankind than to the creature whereas the creature only craved Victor’s attention and demonstrated extreme rage which led to his ultimate destruction.    Since infancy, both Victor and the creature had this desire to be accepted by everyone. Both characters just wanted to fit in and achieve contentment through whom they were. Victor by his interest in studying natural philosophies and the creature despite his hideous deformities. The creature and Victor often felt left out due to their differences and just “wished to be participated” and sought “the feeling of happiness and affection”. The desire to feel accepted is what connected both characters and the reason Victor created the creature in the first place. Subconsciously, he created a creature that somewhat resembled his insecurities because it was a way to cope with feeling like being “chained to eternal hell”.   Another similarity between the two was that both characters had high ambitions for themselves and wanted to achieve some level of greatness. Victor wanted to excel in this inanimate studies and be known for his work for the creating the creature, where as the creature itself just wanted to be known as the first of its kind. They both “believed to be destined for some great enterprise”, but their “high hopes and lofty ambitions” ultimately led to both of their degradation.Both characters demonstrated how the hoped their lives would turn out meaningful in some way because they desired greater than they originally had and somehow seeked it in each other.   Furthermore, one difference between Victor and the creature was that Victor felt he owed a greater sense of duty to society and human kind rather than to the creature himself. He lacked to give him any kind of love and affection in fear of being shunned by his own people and was afraid of his creation all together. Victor viewed the creature as the “meanest animal” and only cared about his reputation. He felt “no guilt” for his neglect and hatred towards the creature because Victor realized his mistake and felt he had to protect his people from the destruction the creature could potentially bring with him.However, the creature only craved Victors rightful love and murdered his family due to his rage and vengeance because of the neglect he received. Despite all the hatred he received, the creature did eventually forgive Victor at his deathbed because no matter what happened, he only had “love and admiration” for his creator. The creature truly only cared about Victor because he viewed him as his family and demonstrated how easily it is to abandon something for the sake of acceptance from others.     Thus,both characters were unique and held many similarities and differences that connected them together and demonstrated their relationship as the creator ultimately distributing its own traits to the desired creature.Both Victor and the creature desired a happy life but their imbalanced relationship lead to their final demolition.