In art pieces of acrylic on canvas paintings.

Long Beach Museum of Art, the Wilma and Roland Duquette Gallery is displaying
many art pieces of acrylic on canvas paintings. These paintings are mostly
portraits of people, houses, and splatter paintings. They are painted by a few
different artists between the early 1960’s and the early 1980’s. The painting Beijing 5:30 by Fern Bowen fascinated me
with its abstracts of color, which drew me in to look closely at its
composition. Beijing 5:30 by Fern
Bowen is an acrylic on canvas art piece painted in 1982-1983.

Beijing 5:30
by Fern Bowen is a painting of a man standing in front of a house. The house is
two stories and white in color. There are about 15 trees in front of the house.
The man in the painting is facing the house so only his back is viewed. The man
is dressed in a blue coat and black pants. The man seems to be walking towards
the house with his hands clasped behind his back. There seems to be people in
the house as most of the windows are opened and the lights were on. The most
striking and eye-catching parts of the painting are the very colorful sky and
ground. The sky is a medium blue color with pink clouds that has orange highlighting
below it. I think the orange highlighting of the pink clouds is from the
sunsetting. The orange highlight of the pink clouds really gives great detail
to the landscape. The ground was colored very colorful with white, yellow,
light blue, dark blue, red, brown, gray, orange and green. The technique for
creating the sky, the painter used an atmospheric perspective. The colorful sky
and ground are slightly more focused and variant compared to the more settled
colors used for the house and trees. The many colors used in the art work makes
the painting very vibrant and interesting to look at. I admire the creativity and
flair the artist has put into this painting.

combination of the more colorful subjects of the photo and the subtler colored
objects gives the picture its flair. Even with the differences with the colors
used, your eyes are still very drawn to the entire photo. The colors used by
the artist really creates balance within the painting. The artist made the
man’s clothing seem very realistic with the creases and lines added to his
jacket and pants. I also like how the sun is shining on the man. I feel like
there should have been a shadow behind him as the sun was shining in front of
him. The colorful ground and sky seems to have a similarity between them with
the subjects being vastly colorful, which makes the painting very astonishing.

Bowen pursued her art training aboard in many different countries. She would
often draw quick sketches of different locations while she was travelling. Beijing 5:30 was one of the paintings
she created with one of her sketches during her visit to Beijing, China. The
idea of this art piece is that you can be creative with colors. The artist’s
main focus on all her paintings are to be colorful and creative when drawing
and painting in color.

idea of this art piece makes you wonder what the original setting might have looked
like. It makes you wonder if the actual scenery such as the sky and trees were close
to being as colorful as the painting. The artist really gave a lot of value to
the ground and sky which makes this painting an interesting to look at. The
combination of the colors used in this painting are beautiful and alluring to
the eye.

is a very good art piece because the many colors used draws you to it. Once
looking at the painting you find yourself looking at the entirety of the
painting. All the colors really give you a joyful feeling when you look at the
art piece. I was very impressed with how the artist has her own uniqueness of
painting with color. Fern Bowen captured a moment in time that was perfect for
a colorful painting. She created a quaint masterpiece that really captures your