“In changes the lives of young girls to

order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything
in his power to promote forgetting. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks
the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to
make sure no one listens” (Herman 1992). The actual definition of molestation
is to make indecent sexual advances, and/or sexually assault (Dictionary.com). This
is an example how young girls get silenced in their childhood by the predators.
Psychologically, the damage from the traumatic experience from molestation in a
woman’s childhood can lead to short to long term effects.  In the transition from child hood to a young
adult some females have trouble creating bond and trusting those of the
opposite sex. Young teenage girls transitioning into women may face social
problems within the workforce, community and personal relationships. The seed
of fear has been planted into their souls and has developed mistrust of the
opposite sex. Depending on the individual, freedom may not be attainable.

“I decided it is better
to scream. Silence is the real crime against humanity” (Mandelstam1970).
Silence is the deadliest killer to molestation victims, while it mentally
cripples its sufferer also destroys self-worth and esteem. The shame, the
internal embarrassment of feeling unclean, this feeling lingers and cages its
victim. Harboring emotions, taking responsibility
for something they could not control. The weight of the world on their
shoulders because a predator, could not control the urge to fornicate. The
predator Silences a woman that has been tortured mentally, physically,
emotionally and spiritually. The phases of denial, shock and self-affliction
all rely on silence. Think of silence as an ocean, you’re drowning in it as
your fears; shame, resentment and doubt pull you to bottom. The internal agony like
a beast raging within, as if there is no hope of help is where isolation
becomes present.


“No matter how long you
train someone to be brave, you never know if they are or not until something
real happens” (Roth 2012). Molestation is an experience that forever changes
the lives of young girls to grown women. Sex
should always be consensual and enjoyable to both parties. The act is inhumane,
wicked, impure and violating to the individual being inflicted by the perpetrator.
The predator preys on the weak, disabled, innocent and meek. The predator takes controls of the dynamics of the
situation, perceiving him or her to be superior. The act itself is not the
goal, it’s the power attained from the act. The victim, the young girl or
woman, she is mentally, psychically and emotionally ravaged during the act. He
ravages her self-worth, self-esteem, self-assurance and innocence in every
forcible movement or touch. My own personal experience as a molestation victim,
the act itself took away my happiness, locked my soul within my body, smothered
my cries and screams and eventually made everything or one a threat. Being
brave enough to come out to a family member was the hardest thing I’ve ever
accomplished but the relief of the predator being punished for the vile act.

Transitioning in
general is quite the challenge as a teenager to young adult, especially for
girls. Becoming a young woman has its pros and cons, such as body image, body
changes, personality development, confidence, self-esteem and raging hormones all
at once. Young women who have been sexually abused in their childhood most
likely turn to alcohol and drugs to “fix” the emotional trauma. Drugs and
alcohol are just temporary bandages that solve the current problem for a short
time span, addiction starts here. The continuous cycle of “fixes” capture young
women struggling with emotional scars and turn them into addicts. Rebellion is
another major mile stone in transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Being
rebellious is just a cry for help, the need for emotional healing and social
acceptance is vital at this time. Some molestation victims may turn to the same
sex for companionship; “Anti-men” mentality has been formed. This mentality is
the utter rejection of men or males, seeking sexual satisfaction and
companionship in other women.

“The question is not
how to get cured, but how to live (1480 Conrad).” Recovering from a psychical
wound may be an easy thing to recover from but an emotionally damaged mental
wound that only cut deeper day by day isn’t an overnight recovery. Some women have
lost years of opportunity to live their lives due to sexual abuse. Violating
young women during their childhood has ripped their innocence. Some women have
recovered over years by spiritual works, distracting themselves with work and others
having multiple sexual partners. The endless searching for “Healing” has become
their purpose of life itself. Therapy is a major breakthrough, talking or
expressing emotions about sexual abuse helps the person to accept what has happened
and how to move on. Snapping back to normal isn’t realistic, abnormal becoming
a reality? Paralyzing trauma which enslaves young women as their life progresses.

In conclusion, molestation
is a method of overpowering women, rewiring the psychological, emotional,
behavioral and spiritual perception. Silence, transitioning from childhood to adulthood,
traumatic experience and recovery are stepping stones of the journey for all
molestation victims whether it is female or male. Having personal experience with
molestation has shaped the person I am and has mentally damaged/weakened me
with an emotional disability. The “voyage of healing” for me has been a life
changing, restoring freedom from my rapist and recovering from deep embedded emotional
wounds. Futuristic problems are going to fall through if women or young girls don’t
break the silence and stand up for their freedom of psychological enslavement. If
situations keep occurring women will find themselves overstepping the brink of
insanity and the cycle will destroy generations of young women psychologically.
 “Expose yourself to your deepest fear;
after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.
You are free (Morrison1943).”