In contries,studying the culture of outside community and

In times of science and technology, studying abroad is a trend in today’s youth. Studying abroad brings many benefits. Such as building a good relationship with students from other contries,studying the culture of outside community and learn to live with other students.
Therefore, I strongly agree with the statement above.

Building a good relationship with students from other countries is one of the advantages of studying abroad. Not only do you have different peoples of different countries and even different family backgrounds and way of life. They also have different learning styles and may be good for us to follow at once to help in learning in people’s countries. Building bilateral ties with students from other countries is very important because each of them has its own unique style of thinking. After learning, this good relationship will make it easier for us to grow our business one day. When associating with different societies of thought style, sometimes the student itself can open their minds because of the experiences they have experienced during the course of the study.
There is no need to get involved with their bad life flows. Take positive and remove the negative. It is a smart and open-minded student if the student can distinguish what is good and what is bad.

Next,Learn to live with other students and work together in dividing tasks and responsibilities in the home. There are not many students who can stay home with others not from the family even in the country. Many problems arise from hygiene, layout, task assignment and more. But is this a problem or mission to resolve? Staying together with others is one of the advantages when you study abroad. Why? Because you train yourself to compromise with others, train yourself to be open to solving home problems, take responsibility for your attitude and teach yourself to live independently in a country of people.

Furthermorw,Each country has its own culture. Studying the culture of the outside community is necessary for the student to adapt to the environment. Knowing the culture of peers from overseas can add a bit more knowledge to the students about their identity as they look from childhood to culture. Identity as a citizen of Malaysia is also not to be extinguished due to the flow of the culture of the country’s foreign affairs, but it is self-assumed as Malaysians and taught to the outside world. From there, students from other countries can approach the multiracial Malaysian culture.