In cows pigs and other animals just to

                                                           In the modern world it is kind of easy to find most of information person wants to know and a lot of people actually thought about meat and the ways it comes to the grocery stores, most of people know about violence and pain animals experience through their lifetime on the farms.We are horrified at the thought that in some countries people eat dogs and cats. But most of us eat cows and pigs – animals that are as highly developed as our pets. Farms or companies which sell meat are trying to make it more attractive to people for example in “Consider the Lobster” David Foster Wallace is writing about lobster festival where a hundreds of lobsters are being cooked in one time but nobody cares about the pain they feel because festival sponsors tell people that lobsters do not feel pain and all and people trust them so people just want to believe that they do not make lobsters feel pain.One the one side eating meat is not necessary for humans and we can live a healthy life eating other food,but in the same time according to wikepedia only 10% of  USA citizens are vegetarians.People do not want to stop eating meat even if they know how  painful it was for animals to live on farms.                More and more people nowadays are thinking about animals and their life on farms because articles and documentary movies about vegetarianism are getting more touching and popular.People around the world are becoming vegan and vegetarian for reasons of ethics, health and environmental protection. Vegan dishes are necessarily included in the menus of cafeterias in schools and colleges,there is wide range of vegan “meat”  in all large supermarkets, vegan cheeses, yoghurts and other sweets, the variety of which is growing really fast. In many shops there is the labeling of products with the sign “cruelty free” (“free from cruelty”),which means that the product is not tested on animals and does not have components of animal origin.So we can see that some changes already happened but why do we still have farms where we grow cows pigs and other animals just to kill them and eat?Why if someone punch a duck on the street we consider this person as cruel and in the same time on foie gras factories they feed ducks so much that some of birds even die ” During the fattening period, a 15 to 25 cm long tube is inserted  into the  esophagus, dispensing up to 450 g per meal, typically with 2 or 3 meals per day. The volume of feed the birds receive is significantly in excess of what would be their voluntary intake.”( Warren Skippon, “The animal health and welfare consequences of foie gras production” ) and many people  consider foie gras as the world’s priciest food same as lobster.But what is the price for?It sounds scary and if I imagine the picture of things that happened to the ducks on the factories it makes me feel really bad. People are ready to pay for pain animals feel just to feel the good taste of meat.          The serious mistake is the fact that we are accustomed to divide the killing of animals into bad and good. Under bad killing we usually mean the murder of an animals which we consider as pets, rare animals, murder for the sake of entertainment, etc. However, most of people do not actually care about the slaughter of farm animals.Somehow people are convinced that if an  animal is specially grown for meat, then it has less rights.I do not believe that if someone has a cow as a pet he/she would kill eat and eat for a lunch because when we consider an animal as a pet it becomes really hard for us to kill it,it is the same as killing a friend.People do not feel bad buying bacon in grocery stores but can you imagine if somebody will put a pig in front of you and ask to kill it?In my opinion people still eat meat because they do not see the problem,we just buy already prepared meat and we do not see animal’s faces and for example we do not think about the chicken and how it was prepared when we eat a chicken breast.Only few of us associate burger on the plate with an alive cow or pig,people can eat bacon and sausages and stand for protecting whales. I happens because it will not be possible to fully enjoy the meal if the main thing you are thinking is a dead animals.The pain animals feel through their lifetime does not make their meat more tasty and people are just trying to pretend that everything is absolutely fine.”The truth is that if you, the Festival attendee, permit yourself to think that lobsters can suffer and would rather not, the MLF can begin to take on aspects of something like a Roman circus or medieval torture-fest”(“Consider the Lobster” David Foster Wallace).When person begins to understand that killing animals is cruel, he/she try to justify it. For a person it seems like to keep a cow in bad conditions and to kill is insane, but there is something necessary in this situation, everything that is done for food is permissible. People like to imagine that if you kill an animal that used to live in good conditions, then there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Death is fast and the main thing is life before it.Someone might say it is true and people are already trying to change the situation                         “It has been suggested that alternative housing and management practices to                           produce foie gras should be explored. This would involve feeding methods that                   do not cause stress or discomfort (i.e., no force-feeding) and housing systems that                    provide adequate space that allow birds to engage in normal behavior conducive                       to good welfare”     ( Warren Skippon, “The animal health and welfare consequences of foie gras production” ) So nowadays individual can have a choice rather eat the meat which was made on a “normal” farm are the one with a  “cruelty free” label.But what is the reason if It does not stop people from killing animals it just makes us feel better cooking a steak from a  “cruelty free” farm.  We can pay more for meat  but will it actually change anything?Most of us know that we  do not need meat and completely manage without it but anyway there are some reasons from the above that make us eat meat and it is not only about the taste.                Anyway it is natural to eat meat ,humans as a species are carnivores  and do we even need to stop eating meat and is it about our morals or physiology? We do not need meat to stay alive and we actually can stop the problem is that most of us are just used to eating meat in everyday life,most families have a Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey or mom is just cooking chicken nuggets for kids since they were toddlers.Now when we have all the resources  to find articles or documentary movies about meat factories even in our phones and you can google the name of a factory you are buying meat from and actually see how it all is going on we will still eat it.                      It is not even a habit it is just the way of life,we do not need to close  meat factories all over the country or all over the world and start eating different vegetarian food same as we do not need to kill animals everyday and eat steaks.Sometimes it is just really hard to stop doing something you were doing your whole life,of course there are millions of  humans in the world who started to live with a vegan or vegetarian diet when they realized the problem and they are actually trying to solve it ,but just the fact that animals feel pain will not change all other humans minds,evidence of violence existing on the meat factories and farms will not make people stop eating meat and forgot what bacon is for their whole lifes because humans are just too used to it and most of us just do not see the problem in eating meat because an animals were already born to die .It is an absolutely personal decision that person makes for his/herself .