In customers, they had opened two more factories

In 1995, Beryl’s Chocolate and Confectionery Sdn. Bhd. was established with a goals. Their first factory is located in the small town of Serdang Village at the southern zone of Kuala Lumpur and their focus is on producing the best chocolate for both local and global markets. They were began with the sold mainly of manufacturing of consumer-supplied chocolates to duty-free shops and supermarkets nationwide. In 1998, they moved to new factory in Seri Kembangan Industrial Estate where they upgraded and improved their production line such as provide various types of chocolate products in order to offer high quality chocolates to customers as their promise.In 2008 and 2013, as an increasing demands from customers, they had opened two more factories in order to compete and to continue developing new treatments that customers wanted. New factories is helpful in expanding their production such as produce more as the chocolate supplied by the consumer. They also produces chocolate for the other confectionery products, food service industry and produces cookies. Now, Beryls is a very popular consumer brand throughout the country and beyond compared to their modest start. Their products have gained various typed of customers in and out of the country. More than 15 countries around the world which Beryls were available. Beryl’s distributors are major in hypermarkets, convenience stores, chain stores, convenience stores and retail outlets and Beryl’s are also exported to Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Maldives, Brunei, New Zealand, Indonesia. Saipan, Dubai and China.They has been achieved where becoming a leading international brand associated with high quality chocolate products as their vision by relying on the convenient value scores at every step of the journey in the best quality, innovation and service level. These are the basics of their improvement and exactly what they convey to their customers and partners. It is confident that Beryls has met the expectations as each Beryls product brings their promise to offer high-quality and delicious chocolates to customers. Furthermore, their mission is enthusiastic about the art of chocolate making and try to make the perfect premium chocolate that will give a smile to the customer’s face. In order to get perfect chocolate result, they continue to use anything but the finest quality ingredients and perform strict operating procedures.There are few corporate core values of Beryls which is first, they will ensure to have enthusiastic about the great chocolate making art and continues to hunt the passion in order to produce the best chocolate by mix the traditional techniques with modern technology. Second, drives to continue in developing exciting and bolding new tastes for chocolate, they will make sure the innovative to bring renewal spirit in beryls. In order to create a new chocolate that will surprise and delight customers, they take inspiration from ingredients and flavors originating from the region. Third, meticulous. To ensure that the chocolate produce perfectly, they also using stringent measures throughout the manufacturing to ensure that the quality of the chocolate is not compromised. They want every customers can be assured that they will be satisfied whenever they take beryl chocolate bites.Beryls is a premium home-grown chocolate brand grown from cocoa beans imported from Ghana. Beryls got Halal certified by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia, Beryl chocolate holds the Malaysian Halal logo and its retail presence can be seen at KLIA, KLCC and other leading shopping centers. Beryls Chocolate is one of the most popular gift items for Muslim tourists coming to Malaysia. The company also receives a tour group at the Chocolate Wonderland factory in Beryl for those who want to know more about the production of chocolate and chocolate souvenir shops at great prices. Beryl carries three types of chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. An interesting attractions that catch the hearts of chocolate lovers are designed in a variety of packing from gift packs, chocolate bar, and tissue packs to special design festival fest.According to a new study investigating,   cocoa have so many function in the same way as aspirin in preventing heart attack which its effect on blood platelets. Research will lend more to the various health claims inherent in traditional indulgence. As a beneficial antioxidant, dark chocolate has recently ventured into the health market and because of that, flavonoid content become more widely published and consumers are switching from milk or white chocolate to following trends. Several quadratic chocolates daily can reduce the risk of heart attack almost 50 percent in some cases as Scientists at John Hopkins University School of Medicine has been said . Seven years ago, in 2010, Beryls education tourism was launched for students. The main objectives of the program is to allow children to visit the factory and find out how chocolate is made and the most interesting is they are allowed to pack some chocolate to take home.