In degree to explore more about electronic devices

the beginning of my career, I was made aware the importance of Communication.
This awareness has profoundly impacted my thinking and planning for pursuing
higher degree in Electronics and Telecommunicaion. The interesting factor was
the part played by the technology and its intersection with humans. From one
location to the other, I realized that the common concern was finding solutions
to get connected with each other. My inclination towards it made me to dig up and
understand the fundamentals of Technology.

in school days, physics and mathematics attracted my attention. The idea that
the entire planet can be connected by only three satellites excited my
curiosity. I was also fascinated about – how can tons of kilograms of satellite
autonomously floating in space can be controlled by buttons running on
miniscule power supply?

very attraction towards technical things encouraged me to pursue technical
courses in this field. Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
opened the windows of my mind and gave me the opportunity to take an informed
look at the situation. 3rd position in class, secured a place in one
of the prestigious engineering institutes in my state. And I chose Electronics
and Telecommunication as a specialization for my Bachelor’s degree to explore
more about electronic devices and communication technology.

pursuing my undergraduate studies I was propelled towards Communication
Engineering. I found subjects like Principles of Communication Engineering,
Digital Communication, Microelectronics and Digital VLSI Design very amazing
and interesting. My practical pursuits in college sharpened my vision. My final
year project was to design a FIR filter for filtering wireless transmitted ECG
signals. Demand was to improve the processing rate by maintaining optimum
hardware (multipliers). Therefore, an optimum 7 tap Digital FIR filter was
successfully implemented in Xilinx (VHDL programming), which filtered the ECG
signal and removed noise components. MatLab was interfaced with Xilinx to
accept the input and plot the response. My analytical ability and diligence
resulted in ‘A+’ in the project. My interest in technical knowledge led me to
take up Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), in-turn secured a place in one of the reputed
college in southern part of India, and chose to pursue post-graduation in the field
of Digital Communication and Networking.

Masters in
Digital Communication and Networking gave me deep knowledge in the field of
Wireless Communication and Wireless Sensor Networks. Pursuing Masters, I realized the
importance of speedy backbone network to achieve high data rates. This triggered
me to propose an All-Optical Packet Processor in Optical Packet-Switched
Networks, which can tackle the ever increasing data traffic. The research was carried out to design a
Router which can route data optically so as to reduce time latency and achieve
higher data transfer rate. The uniqueness of the project lies in it being the
routing process carried completely in optical domain, which was appreciated
across my department, and awarded a score of ‘A’. Working on this project was a huge
learning curve, granted me the opportunity to test my potential to solve real
life scenarios.

My academic
keenness and knowledge furthered my career as Assistant Professor in
engineering college under the aegis of University of Pune. Here, I inculcated
teaching skills and explored my field of interest. During this tenure, to keep
pace with fast growing technology, I attended every workshop and seminars held
in our Institute. Through them I could improve and gain knowledge in areas that
were new to me. I have been a student member of IEEE and member of IEEE Signal
Processing Society for two years. This has allowed me to constantly upgrade my
knowledge through its seminars, workshops and publications (IEEE spectrum, IEEE
Signal Processing Magazine). With growing interest in the field Signal
Processing and Embedded Devices, I worked on GNU radio – Universal Software
Define Radio Peripheral 200 (USRP200). My predilection towards 4G technology
escalated; Techniques like Massive-MIMO, dynamic frequency scheduling,
Femto-cell, Channel Coding, captured my attention. I also, participated in IEEE
conference and published a paper in the domain of 5G mobile communication. Also,
in search of new and improved techniques of wireless data handling and
management, I am also taking an online course on “Data Science” from Imarticus
and GenPact.  Apart from being a faculty,
I was also an active participant in sports such as Cricket, Badminton and Table
Tennis in my institutions. All these activities have given me confidence and
inspiration to actively participate in the process of acquiring and sharing

My keenness
in the field of Communication and Embedded System led me towards deepened
knowledge. Masters in Information Technology is the ideal next step in my
journey. I wish to construct a reliable knowledge source for my future
endeavors dealing with globally persistent challenges like, bridging the gap
between Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and efficient network
management and green communication. After these years of
honing my skill set and tools, my contributions will be angled from an
engineering perspective and hence I believe I will be a rational and precise
set of eyes. In the long run, I see myself discovering
my area of expertise and converting it into meaningful research by pursuing Ph.D. in the field I gravitate
towards. I want to generate green solutions on a macro level by associating
with like-minded enthusiasts. The curriculum at University of Stuttgart will
not only arm me with future technologies but also quench my thirst for learning
and practicing this fascinating technology. I will be highly obliged if I am
been considered for the Masters study in your esteemed university. I am
confident and will meet all the parameters to add into reputation of the