In I will be explaining the techniques that

In Mrs Tilscher’s Class is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy
about her past memories of her primary school teacher, who was very much loved.

In this essay, I will be explaining the techniques that Carol Ann Duffy used to
create a vivid description and the excitement of Mrs Tilscher’s class.

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the first stanza, Duffy starts by saying, ‘you could travel up the Blue Nile
with your finger, tracing the route’. In using the pronoun, ‘you’, it already hooks
the reader as the chatty vibe makes us feel like we are being talked to. Also, as
Duffy states ‘traced the route’, it becomes more real and clear, making us
imagine the journey she is taking them through. In addition to the lively
atmosphere, Duffy writes, ‘chanted the scenery’. Throughout the first two
stanzas, the use senses are used often, in ‘chanting’, ‘tracing’ and more. The word
‘chanted’ tells us that she is singing and it shows that Mrs Tilscher was a
very energetic person, making the classroom more enjoyable. Duffy then uses
one-word sentences that sound as if they were coming straight out of the
teacher’s mouth in a chant, ‘Tana. Ethiopia. Khartoum. Aswân.’ A metaphor
follows in the line, ‘a skittle of milk,’ this makes the milk bottles seem like
skittles or bowling pins, and as bowling is a fun game, it makes the classroom
seem happy and enjoyable. Finally, from the first stanza, in the line, ‘The
laugh of a bell’, Duffy uses personification, which adds to the exciting
classroom as laughter is an expression of happiness.