In new dimension to methods of learning a

In my journey so far, I have had varied work experience in the field of education & training in the higher education, non-profit and corporate sectors. As a facilitator in adult learning, I have often come across heterogenous groups with different learning abilities and needs, which has sometimes been a challenge, despite having followed well-designed curricula and training modules. I have often felt the need of a scientific learning technology that could make the learning experience so much more rewarding for both me and my students. I believe that  the CELTA course design would be able to bridge that gap for me, and add a whole new dimension to methods of learning a language.Further, the importance of English as a global language for communication is growing everyday.

With more and more people aspiring to have a world without borders, where they desire to travel, work and live, it becomes vitally important to have a common language to communicate in. English, being the most common official language, with a recognised status in more than 50 countries, has rapidly become the number 1 enabler for international communication — socially and as a business language —  making it essential for people to learn it, if they want to be part of the global workforce or be a global citizen.  This translates into more and more people eager to learn the language at a mature age when they consciously choose to learn a new language. This transition also requires, on the other hand, a set of trained teachers that can support this growing demand.

  I look at this as an opportunity to play the role of a catalyst in the whole process. CELTA being an internationally recognised qualification, with its focus being on adult learners, would equip me with an ability to analyse the language system and transfer my knowledge effectively and in ways appropriate to the learners’ needs and abilities. I am excited about an exposure to the learning methodology of the CELTA course because it will empower me to understand my learners’ needs and to employ appropriate teaching methodologies to meet varied learning needs, and open up new career opportunities for me in the field of language teaching.