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In the book “Into the wild” we are introduced to a character named Chris McCandless. Chris was a man who set off into the alaskan wilderness on a adventure to stay there.  It have to be pointed out that the story is pretty unique and the primary person is full of contradictions. At any rate, it is quite tough to apprehend his real motives that inspired his selection to desert the civilized international and head for the desert where he became to be unable to continue to exist. this is why it’s far very vital to define the most important factors that compelled the primary character to take the deadly begin with, it have to be said that the person and the education of Christopher McCandless performed probable the most essential function and pressured him to enter the wild. to put it extra exactly, he can be characterized as a totally ascetic persona. In fact, he’s pretty one-of-a-kind from many other humans that live around him. He does no longer percentage the traditional values of the modern society, he does not want to make a few profession, reap the public approval, or be just a successful character. In fact, the material international or the civilized international is not clearly thrilling to him. instead, he lives in the global of his dreams, which as an alternative appear like dreams of a boy who wants to get a few new feelings and feelings thru adventures. on the same time, the choice he makes in his lifestyles is pretty bizarre for an normal man or woman that suggests to the reality that McCandless was not simplest ascetic however also very unique character able to make incredible selection.then again, it’s far obvious that he determined to desert the civilized international for the sake of civilization below the effect of readings of well-known authors, which includes Jack London, who became one of the preferred writers of the main man or woman of the tale. in this respect, it have to be stated that such authors favorite the wild nature and regretted approximately the distancing of humans from nature below the effect of civilization. in addition, Christopher had an instance of different young guys that acted within the similar way and headed for the wasteland leaving behind advantages of the civilization.In such a context, his selection appears to be pretty logical, however, in fact, there seem a few inexplicable contradictions in his motivation. to put it extra precisely, in spite of private features of the principle person, effect of literature and different people, McCandless nonetheless had a own family and buddies who had been clearly supportive and who favored him lots.although, he abandons his buddies and his family for the sake of his dream or irresistible desire of new impressions and adventures. this kind of desire is pretty paradoxical.nonetheless, in end it’s far viable to say, that the choice made by the main character is paradoxical handiest from the factor of view of an everyday, logical man or woman. however, McCandless was not the sort of kind of person and the choice to enter the wild was pretty natural for such an ascetic and impulsive individual.