In one approach that can with no doubt

In the article
at hand the author extensively tries to determine how true self is portrayed in
a human being. On one hand he examines a concept endorsed by numerous different
philosophers that the urges and emotions a human being feels don’t determine
who that person truly is and that the nature of the person is truly determined
by the moments he stops to think and reflect about their deepest values. On the
other hand he examines the views of people outside the field of philosophy who
suggest that true self is determined by our suppressed urges and emotions and
that our ability to reflect is just a hindrance to our true self’s expression.

            The author however has a completely
different concept to the matter of true self. He points out that neither of the
two perspectives captures the concept of true self. He points out that the
problem with the two concepts is that they assume that true self can be
identified with one particular part of a person’s psychology. He goes on to
point out that peoples understanding of true self involves a judgment about
what sort of lives are worth living.

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            To support his point of view, he
first acknowledges that the two presumptions above don’t make sense as to the
situation at hand because the two ideologies differ greatly reasons being
people are brought up with different mindsets. He goes further with his friends
to conduct a philosophical experiment by collecting people’s views on the
subject matter. He took two sets of people; conservatives and liberals and gave
them a test on the subject matter with questions which would suit their way of
thinking. The conservatives ended up answering the questions in a manner that
would satisfy their conservative items while the liberals answered the
questions in a manner that would satisfy their conservative items.

            The author presents a strong
argument when he concludes that finding one’s true self cannot be determined by
the two approaches in the above paragraphs. This is a topic that poses to be
very sensitive hence a definite approach should be determined, one approach
that can with no doubt be trusted. The author proposes that further research be
carried out to determine the proper hypothesis to be used in determining one’s
true self.

















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