In people from different cultures including by schoolmates

In the modern world, weinteract with different people due to globalization, urbanization, andindustrialization. In the process of interaction, we come across cultures thatare not similar to our own, and it is important not to be biased and make ourcultures superior to others. Therefore, cultural relativism is based on theperspective that one has on other cultures, and how their own culturalupbringing influences it.Cultural relativism plays amajor role in my daily life since I live in a culturally diversified society. Iam always in contact with people from different cultures including byschoolmates and friends. Consequently, it is critical to accept that myperspectives about others should not misguide me into being biased and treatingother cultures in a manner that might lead to discrimination and stereotyping.If I have to base a specific action on my culture, it does not mean that theaction is right or wrong in regards to another culture.

Therefore, for me tohave an unbiased mind, I have to identify the biases that might accrue from mycultural perspective and help me to interact freely with other individuals inthis multicultural society.Accordingly, it will be aboom for me in my career as I will be working with people that have differentcultural attributes. For absolute cultural relativism, it will help meunderstand the culture of the workplace when it comes to treating variouspersons there. For instance, it will be essential to know why the company doesnot allow any questioning when it comes to the decision-making process.

Further, critical cultural relativism will help me understand why theorganization follows a particular production process and the recruitmentprocess. For example, it will be important to know why there are more than onestages of the recruitment process. Or why there is more employment of maleworkers than female ones at the workplace. Therefore, when solving any issueinvolving the culture of the workplace, I will be able to make a decision basedon what I have learned.This will be implemented byfirst learning the elements in other cultures and what is significant to it.This will help me recognize the bias that I have and the solution to it.Second, I will learn the culture of the workplace and understand why certainthings are carried out and help others understand and this will assist me insuggesting changes or conforming to the norms