In secured devices. This happen is because of

In this global
era, many people use electronic devices to store their public and private data.
The devices which use usually to do save data are smartphone and computer. When
saving their data, some people use security code to keep the privacy of their
data, so that it could not be access by other people. Although the usage of
security code is efficient, some Government Agencies are trying to access
people secured devices. This happen is because of a tragedy which was happen
for few years. Government’s action on accessing a secured device can be
agreeable for some point of view, such reasons are preventing an incident,
helping further investigation and other reasons which is trying to protect the
country from any kind of catastrophe.

                First reason why the government allow
to have access to secured device is to prevent any incident which could create
dangerous situation to the country. Although it is one of the reason, many
people disagree to this government action. But lately, there are many
incidents, such as terrorism, which is occurred in big cities that could harm
the people, it happened because of the lack information which is needed to prevent
the incident. If government had the access, they could review and check any
kind of threat information then find the source of information. By accessing
secured threat files, government could anticipate any kind of activity which
could affect the national security and they also could save their citizen from
any kind of dangerous situation. Although many people do not agree with the
process to unlock people security data, the government is trying to make the
activity in a small investigation area, so they will only check and access data
from certain person who is assumed to be a threat to the country. This kind of
situation is already happened in real life, when government of Indonesia is
trying to access a social media called Telegram, government stated that in the
application, there were many kind of communications which consist of
threatening message and terrorism act. But because of the company itself did
not grant the government access to the application, a terrorism act was
happened and cause mass panic among the citizen. If only government could get
the access and open it quickly, the tragedy could be prevented and people could
be save from the dangerous situation which harm their life. From this incident,
people should understand and agree to the idea about government accessing a
secured data and message to prevent any activity which could danger national
security and people’s life and also by doing that, government could prepare
themselves in defending the nation.

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                Second reason about government
accessing secured data is an agreeable topic, is because by accessing the
secured data for example secured files from terrorist, the government could do
deeper search and investigation on any type of terror activity and it would be
an evidence of crime which has been done by someone and it terrorize many
people. The investigation from accessing private data of the suspect would be
better way to solve a terror activity, from the file, government agency could
find out what is the main object of suspect of terror action and see the truth
behind the incident more vivid. From a clear evidence, the investigation could
be conduct more effective and will help to avoid the next incident to be happen.
However, many technology companies who create devices that help people saving
their data with security code are denying in giving help and disagree with the
idea of government accessing their customer private device, although they know
that the user is a terrorist. Their only reason is to maintain their customer
privacy from other party. But if only they granted government’s request, they
could help in the investigation process without have to open all their
customer’s file, just access the specific file which needed by government’s
agency. This type of case is happened between a Computer Company named Apple
and United States government’s agency, FBI. Quoted from CNBC news, FBI and
Apple are against each other because of FBI asked Apple to allow them accessing
a terrorist smartphone, but Apple refused to do what is ask, so FBI take the
case to the court. But before the case is decided by the court, FBI already
accessed the suspect’s device using help from third party, which lead to Apple
trying to know who is the third party, but FBI kept the party’s information. From
the case, it is understandable that it is better for a company to grant access
from a secured file for further investigation, it will help to save their other
customer’s private data and the agency would not bring it to the court. If a
security access is passed to government it could be perfectly a save move to be
done because the security encryption is in the right hand and the government
only use those access for national purposes. And the government mostly access
secure data of specific subject, and it help them to receive information about

                Third reason why people may
should accept government activity in accessing a secure file is to keep the
public safety, defending the life of their people and keeping the truth among
its citizen and their trust. The government would be really good in giving the
truth to their citizen, because with accessing a file which is could be a
propaganda words, government could check the words and clarify it to the
people, then people will ignore it or try to avoid that kind of file. Besides
that, there are no secret between government and people, because they will trust
to each other which the government hold and maintain data while the citizen has
a good social data or life and receive the truth.    

                In conclusion, the policy which
government could access a secured file is could be an agreeable subject because
it is for preventing a national threat that could harm the citizen, helping for
further investigation and finding evidence of any kind of incident, also
defending, keeping and sharing truth about a file to the people so it could
maintain their trust to each other and eventually lead to a better life in the country.