In security. According, to current situation any device

In this age of the internet, it is a moral obligation to ensure proper data security. According, to current situation any device connected to the internet can be hacked. The hackers are smarter than ever before.

How can we be prepared? What measures can be taken?

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Context-Aware Behavioral Analytics treats unusual behavior as nefarious activities. It is related to examining the context in which data is used by the users.

The important technologies that form an integral part of CABA include:

·         monitoring behavioral profiles

The companies can monitor habits of users, accountants, clients, contractors by creating their behavioral profiles. These profiles are monitored from month to month and device to device.

Any significant change in behavior in real time from past behavior may pose a security issue to the company.

·         Mobile Location Tracking

Tracking the geological location is an important determinant of a person’s behavior.

·         Bio printing

Bio print markers indicate how the employee uses a simple input device such as a mouse.

·         Phone Printing

It includes the analysis of acoustic information to identify the fake caller’s identity



The hackers have found a way of injecting messages into a communication channel. Therefore, the conventional traditional encryption technologies don’t stand a chance.

MIM (Man in Middle) attacks are becoming popular. Here the, hacker controls the messages between the transmitter and receiver by relaying it. The transmitter and receiver remain completely unaware about the fact that their conversation is being controlled by a third person.

The solution devised is based on the dispersive technology.

The signal being transmitted can be split into several simultaneous parts. Not only this, the parts of message can be separately encrypted and routed on different protocols following independent paths.