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In the story “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” shows of the many superstitions the mariners believed while sailing the ocean. They believed it carried the souls of dead mariners and flying above them meant good luck protecting them from all harm. The Albatross seems to represents Christ presence not simply just a bird. First sighting, of the albatross throughout the voyage starts off with perfect weather allowing them to flee from the ice but after it’s shot down; suddenly takes a different turn leading the ship into a harsh storm. The rest of the crew knew this misfortune was due to killing the albatross putting the blame onto the ancient mariner. The killing of the albatross was a bad omen now the ancient mariner is feeling guilty and being known for his crime. Therefore, they make him pay for his sin by hanging the bird around his neck “Instead of the cross, the Albatross about his neck was hung” correlating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as well as signifying the correlation with God and the supernatural. The opinion of supernatural or God strengthens because in the story the author states “As if it had been a Christian soul, we hailed it in God’s name” using the word God to compare to the albatross.

Not only is albatross symbolizing God but another ship the encounter is symbolizing death, and the answer for the killing. The ship killed all crew members except the ancient mariner, although he should have payed for his sin, he is. He will be living with guilt of killing both the albatross and all good fortune the mariners had sailing the ocean.

He then learns that for him to live “free” he has to tell his tale to others, also like praying or confessing your sins to a holy person. Therefore, the albatross is closely similar to a supernatural or God. Stating that God plays a big role in nature and how the bird not only is a creature but a symbol of good and bad luck the same time.