In this passage was when Alexie started relating

In Sherman Alexie’s “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” I noticed multiple and various defining moments in this passage. One outstanding defining moment was when he had the concepts of the purpose of a paragraph with a sudden clarity. Alexie driven by his love and adoration of his father. At the age of three, Alexie recalled how he picked up his father’s books before he could read and taught himself to read by imagining and analyzing a Superman comic book using pictures and icons, that is quite astonishing and quite an achievement for a purpose-driven 3 years old boy. He went on and on until the moment he first understood. Alexie said “… I still remember the exact moment when I first understood, with sudden clarity, the purpose of a paragraph” With this he became knowledgeable in his own way. He realized the purpose of a paragraph, saying “a paragraph was a fence that held words” as a reader I was amazed here because I have never for once picture a paragraph as a fence. One concrete detail used in this passage was when Alexie started relating “paragraphs” to reality – he became delighted by the knowledge acquired and he looked at everything in his life in paragraphs and at the same time he started seeing the world in paragraphs. Alexie used the logic and categorized each family in his house as separate paragraph but still linked with genetics and common experiences. He used this same logic to picture his family as an essay of seven paragraphs.

 Alexie’s use of on-going action was him advancing and transitioning to become a writer even though he was going to become a pediatrician. As an outstanding writer, Alexie wrote novels, short stories, and poems. He visited schools as often as possible and teach creative writing to Indian kids. Alexie embarked on a journey using his books and teaching skills to teach and encourage the Indian kids out there to embrace their skills irrespective of being neglected. Simply, he took upon himself to save their (Indian kids) lives.

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 Alexie believed a smart Indian is a dangerous person, widely feared and expected to be stupid and fail in the non-Indian World, but he refused to act on his belief. He was smart, arrogant and lucky. He was engulfed with the single thought that he was trying to save his own life. The main theme in this passage was about a little smart Indian boy driven by his father’s love for books at an early age and then teaches himself to read at an early age and advances quickly. He got himself equipped and made a big impact on the outside world by impacting Indian kids and set himself as a model for the kids to look upon. And then he realized “The Joy of Reading and Writing”.