In to follow. That personality trait is the

the world of technology, many people abuse other to their personal interest and
benefit. They didn’t know the feeling of being abuse. The user of technology
didn’t know the ethical laws. This article presents the understanding of Actions
with regards to social and ethical use of Information Technology to aware the
people who use technology. In this research, explain the investigation of
information technology ethics to the social aspect of human computer activities
that may harm the people use technology. The research find the solution of that
problem, it is benefit to the human when the investigation is successful. Many
people didn’t know the do’s and don’ts ethical law. On a days, many people use
technology for their daily lives it is important this days, because all of
their things, personal information and works are in technology. The study of
ethics and human must know the do’s and don’ts use of technology. This research
may adopt the human to be more accurate in terms of uses of the technology.


In terms of Ethics, it is morality of human beliefs and behaviour. The
computer ethics means the law that we need to follow in this technology world,
it is concerned to the policy and conceptual order. This case study investigate
the personality traits of the human. First, the agreeableness in my impetration
of that is we need to be more friendly and kind because if we are kind and
friendly we don’t have any people angry to us. The conscientiousness, we need to
be care to the other human like social media, when we read some post we comment
because we care. Emotional stability, we
need to be careful with our emotional when it comes to social media because it
cause the basher that can add to our emotion. We need to be intellectual in technology
because it is important to have knowledge in technology to know the computer
ethics that we need to follow. That personality trait is the main objective to
be accomplish by the researcher because if we have all of that personality
traits the humans can do works and trust technology. Many people use computer
activities for their personal use like social media, for business, paying
system and electronic voting system and adopt it for their daily lives. Many
issues built in computer activities by the human, we should be careful to in
terms of posting our personal information in social media or other sites.  When it comes to the kids, we should not
always use the computer because the kids can adopt our daily lives in world of
technology that they not experience the tradition action of the being a child,
they do the computer games. Many student use internet to cheat because all the
information are there in the  internet,
they didn’t study their research just copy and paste then submit. Easy internet
access can violent computers ethics because we can easily download, copy paste
works of others and  We must know correct
on how we use gadgets because many can do all things for their own interest and
benefit. We also know our target always do not violent other people. This research
investigate the computer activities of the people to avoid the violent that may
harm others. We need to do the right matters to become our society have freedom
to trust other people.  The computer and
internet is very dangerous why ? because other people invade your privacy that
may harm the society. The cameras and phone can do unsuspicious act that may
cause any pirate video’s without consent to the owner or director and author.
The action of computer ethics are to avoid the pirate videos or cd, hacking,
online gambling, chatting, pornography and plagiarism but this action is not
followed with others. Many times we spent our times to Facebook like posting,
sharing and uploading they always update their social media accounts.  The most popular use to harm other people is
online gambling. The second is piracy many people always to that. The next is
computer games, many kids spent their times in computer games. With this result
we need to follow the computer ethics to become our life peaceful, no worries
and make our life easier. 

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