“In use. Back in ancient times, cannabis wasn’t


 “In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer
than many food we consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic
response. By comparison it is physical impossible to eat engouh marijuana to induce
death. Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active
substance knowns to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely
used within the supervised routine of medical care (Medicalcannabisreport.com)”.

as most people know it or call it grass or dank, has been around for centuries
for human use. Back in ancient times, cannabis wasn’t practice as recreational
use, but for uses as a medicine. The first discovery of the plant started in
Asia around 500 BC, in was later introduced to Africa, Europe, and eventually
the Americans. A particular part of cannabis called Hemp fiber, was found that
it can be use to make paper, clothing, production products and even can be used
to make delitious food. Back in 1830, a man by the name of Sr. William Brooke O’
Shaughnessy, ( an irish doctor studying in India) later discovered while doing
some research and testing on cannabis found that the chemical in the plant
called Cannabidiol (CBD) helps lessen vomiting and stomach pain in people
suffering from cholera. In which later was discovered that it lessens nausea
and promote hunger. Marijuana in the U.S wasn’t practice as recreational use
until the 1900s. This act was practice when the Mexican Revolution brought cannabis
to the United States. As a result of this and its abuse, 29 states banned
cannabis around 1931. By 1937 The Marijuana Tax Act was the first federal U.S
law to discriminate cannabis nationwide. The Act discriminated all hemp
products except of the ones the was made for Industrial uses. The Compassionate
Act of 1996 in California, was the first state to legalize marijuana for
medical uses. The spike the uses and its legalization standards, cannabis has a
board field of medical uses, which I think should be legalized, because it
cures and helps people with many medical issues, (just a few) for example;
Cancer, Neurological disorders, and Diseases. Which I will later discuss in

Cannabidiol offers hope of a non-toxic therapy that could treat aggressive
forms of cancer without any of the painful side effects of Chemotherapy (healedbycannabis.com).
Cannabidiol is a non-psychotactive component of the plant, that fights off and
lessens cell proliferation, metastasis, and tumor growth found in  breast cancer ( Thedailybeast.com). Which she
said when doing a test sample for Astrocytoma ( a type of brain tumor) with
cannabis, later found that its kills cancer cells and decided to test this in
animal models for breast and brain tumors. The results was obtaining, in was
found that it can be use to possibly treat other cancers. By the evidence
showing marijuana can be the solution for lowering the rates of death relating
to people who have die from cancer.

         Not only that it treats cancer, but
also people with neurological disorders. For example; people with Epilepsy.
Epilepsy is a type of disorder that causes seizures (mostly among children). I
found that the American Epilepsy Society, run tests on children with dravet
syndrome. The treatment lasted for 14 weeks, injecting them everyday in this
time period. The patients receive cannabidiol doses in a pill form of
(100mg/ml). they divided to dose to 20mg to take through the day following a
22day dose of a safety evaluation, because they fear the chemical may have some
side effects. Research found a 36.5% reduction with then 12 weeks of treatment.
Children with Dravet Syndrome had a reduce of 30% in seizures, whereas, only 5%
of them were actually seizure free. ” This result was impressive considering how
incredibly refractory these kids were.” Said Dr. Thiele. Cannabis can be the
solution in curing the disease and helping our children to live a more
productive life. Parents can relax more and actually get to know there children
without worrying if their child will make it the next day.

dependent (high volume) cannabis use (DCU) was always associated with a
reduction in NAFLD prevalence among all categories of alcohol users:
non-alcohol (DCU+NAU), moderate/non-dependent alcohol users (DCU+NDA) and
copious/dependent alcohol users (DCU+DA. Bar graph described from the leftmost
to the rightmost: Taking non-cannabis users/non-alcohol users (NCU+NAU) as the
reference group, non-dependent (moderate) cannabis use/ non-alcohol use
(NDCU+NAU) caused a slight reduction in NAFLD prevalence, though not
statistically significant. To further explore the effects of CU-alcohol use
interactions, we categorized alcohol use into two-subgroups: non-dependent
users, and dependent users, to respectively constitute moderate and severe
consumption. Our CU-non-dependent alcohol user.

has been around for centuries. Starting from Asia to Europe, and eventually to
the United States. Cannabis has been use for clothing, paper, food and most
importantly many health disorders including Cancer, Neurological disorders, and
Diseases. I think that the United States should dig deeper more into the
subject and really see how this can really help I’ll country and improve our
way of living.