In way stations, and other important places. With

In today’s Scenario the transport
facilities are well-developed and need for cars have rapidly increased and are
a very essential transport mode to travel from one place to another place.
Because of rapid industrial growth and economic growth the standard of living
of the people is enhanced. So they show their status through one of these ways
like having car/s, so I have chosen to deduce the various underlying factors
related to consumer preference of Maruti cars in Bangalore city.

In this Modern world, transport
plays a vital role. Road transport plays a larger role in the recent years. The
user prefers this because of its availability, adoptability to individual
needs, door to door services and reliability. At present 80% of passengers move
by roads. Road transport has been very useful which connects rail way stations,
and other important places. With higher volumes of production of all models of
vehicles in the year ahead, road transport assumed still greater importance
meeting the present and future demand on road. The study regarding consumer
preference for Maruti cars was made in respect of selected Maruti car owners in
Bangalore city. The area of consumer preference is one of the most interesting
areas because it is concerned with understanding consumers with regard to why
individuals behave in a certain way towards specific brands. This study aims at
observing the consumption pattern of various Maruti customers and analysing if
the patterns are due to few specific factors.

olden day’s Fiat and Ambassador cars were very popular in India. As many
companies have introduced many models, Maruti introducing the Maruti 800 which
was an affordable icon in its time, that created a wide spread demand in the
Indian market. The Indian users are considered as the quick changers. In spite
of this tag given to the Indians, Maruti has managed to maintain a high market
share and sustain their market as the leading car manufacturer in terms of
market share. Here are a few statistics of the market share for various car