Indiana Jones and the temple of doom

The fact that the characters in “Indiana Jones and the temple of doom” are all stereotypes made the film successful, discuss We are going to look in to adventure films in this essay ” Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom” I am going to look at other adventure films to see what is typical in them and to compare them to the adventure film I have studied. I am also going to look at the characters, the setting, the plot and the filmmaker’s technique.

A typical hero is Superman, Superman has super strength, x-ray eyes, laser eyes, can fly and it has to be kept a secret. When you compare him to other heroes they all have a special skill and quilt. James Bond has special gadgets to help him and doesn’t seem to get hurt much and always survives impossible odds. Batman he is very strong and also has lots of special gadgets and a helper sidekick robin. But Indian Jones doesn’t have any of them things to use. All he has is a whip and he is just lucky he dost have thing special all he has apart from the whip is his sidekick “Shorty”.

Indiana Jones doesn’t dress like a hero as well, He dresses very cashel and tacky. He is not smart and don’t care about his looks. He has a attitude he don’t care about people apart frame his sidekick and he treats the heroin “Willie” but he can have a nice and passionate side to him to as you can see in the movie. He doesn’t have any icons that he looks up to and doesn’t have any catch thrashes that he uses like other heroes do. But in the film whenever he does something the theme tune comes on.

The relation ship between the hero, and the heroin, in all adventure films is that they get rescued by the hero and kiss then sleep together but in Indiana Jones he doest rescue the heroin he takes her as a hostage at the start and he takes her with him than eventually they start to like each other, Then he saves her then they kiss.

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The relation ship between the hero and the sidekick in the film “shortly” is they meet when the hero is pick pocketed by the sidekick in token you hear about it in the film. Then they travel around together and they get very close and for example when the heroin calls Indi strait away shortly shouts at her

” You call him Dr Jones” so the relation ship is good between them.

The bad guy in the film make him seem like more of a hero is when there is a worshiping to their god and they put one of these magical stones together than they all glow and when they have all the stones they will have all the power but right after the bad guy’s kill a sacrifice then the hero strait after words then Indiana Jones takes the stones which is very brave which makes him seem like more of a hero.

I hope that this is what I have set out to do to make the point that in the film that they life up to the fact that they’re stereo types and without that then the film would not have been so successful.