INDUCTION help. After two weeks, the Manager is



have an on boarding program that is implemented and monitored by the HR team.


On the
first day of employment, employees are shown around the business and attend a
half day presentation that covers the basics of the business including
emergency exits and muster points. This presentation also consists of running
through all Policies and Procedures that Coffeeville align with introducing the
new Employee to their team and a copy is given for their records.

employee is introduced to a ‘buddy’ that will be able to assist them and make
them feel more comfortable during their early days. These buddies usually
blossom into great work relationships and this step should not be under


are required to meet with the new start on a continual process in the early
weeks and catch ups should be a minimum of two per week. It is important that
the employee feels supported and valued and isn’t afraid to ask for help.

two weeks, the Manager is to start to introduce small objectives and set up
monthly meetings to discuss any concerns or feedback.

probation period is three months and the HR team is to send out formal correspondence
by no later than fourteen days prior to this date. It should be noted that any
concerns should be dealt with when they arise and shouldn’t be left to be
addressed at the three month mark.


that pass the probation period are rewarded with a team lunch provided by the
company and a pre-purchased coffee and cake card to the value of $50.00. It is
important that staff understand the role that they play in the success of the
business and recognition shouldn’t go unnoticed.


It is
also important that the induction process is monitored and continually improved
therefore employees and managers are asked to provide feedback which is sent
out via email through survey monkey. This was previously a manual process but
with the improvement to technology, this website is now used.