INDUSTRIAL products include HVAC (Heating Ventilation And Air


growing demand of high-quality products paired with requirements of high production,
industrial automation promises to play a role of significant importance. Our team
assures to meet your needs of cost effective service and efficiency with our
diverse range of products. We provide a smooth
automation of manufacturing, quality and material handling. Our automation
products support your requirements of quality, accuracy and flexibility with
our reliable products such as:

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PLC’s (Programmable
Logic Controller):

A commutable industrial controller that is enabled to configure
flexibly and deliver high productivity. Few of our PLC’s products include: AC500,
AC500-S, AC500-eCo, AC-500-XC etc.

DCS (Distributed
Control System):

DCS is a reliable computerized control system that smoothens complex
operations and increases productivity. Our DLC product, 800*A is manufactured by
leading manufacturing pioneer ABB.

SCADA (Supervisory
Control and Data Acquisition):

SCADA is an emerging application that is able to controls and
optimise system through operating systems. Our SCEDA product MicroSCADApro
ensures complete reliability with versatile functionality.

Other products include
HVAC (Heating Ventilation And Air Control Services) Building Automation Systems,
Industrial & Process Controls Services, pressure and
temperature flow devices, weighing devices, motors &generators, machine
power supplies, drives, industrial drives, panels, motor control technologies

Our automation engineers also deliver customised automotive
equipment’s on request. The aim is to provide services that enable manufactures
cut cost and reduce downtime.  We focus on delivering smart solutions to
diverse industries like- mining industry, machine factory automation, aluminium
industry, metal industry and other process industries.

We ensure our clients are provided with technologies that
well suit their requirements. Our team of expertise and engineers are dedicated
to provide you with best solutions. We work with customers of all sizes, in all
industries and for any application.

Our products are designed to meet our customers need for
productivity, efficiency, quality and profitability, all at minimum cost.