Information of big data on economic warfare. There

Theory At The Age Of Big Data
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Theory at the age of big data


While talking
about big data it is important to understand that there is a mix of
multi-structured and unstructured which then refers to the volume of
information. It is therefore important to break down these two types of data;
first unstructured data is the kind of data that is not easily interpreted by
normal databases. This is the kind the kind of data that is not organized in
any particular manner to ease analysis by data models, it is because of it
heavy on texts. For instance, text social media posts, tweets on twitter and
metadata (GLANZ, J. (2018).). Second, some the examples of this data are website
log data, this is believed to be a combination of images, which includes form
operation data and that has a combination of text also. There is an evolution
of multi-structured data that is majorly affected by the changing face of day
to day digital disruption. Today in marketing, there is need to understand big
data as a company, this is a huge way for the direction any organizations are
supposed to take towards future of marketing, in addition to targeted promotion
of products (Deacon, T. W. (2017). The whole process is called data-driven
marketing, which is the future of marketing, all the information covered in
both areas is too big for traditional forms of information processing.


warfare has taken another form as the emergence of the use of big data can be
said to have to change the battleground.  The aim of this paper will be to
weigh the effect of big data on economic warfare. There is a need for a
coherent system that confines the component by
which efficiency is raised and is measurable.

To state for illustration that Big Data produces
a parcel of volume does not show how it would
raise efficiency while at the same time therefore how can it be utilized
to become one of the best ways to increase volume and at the same time raise
the level of work output, while to attest that it
will permit costs to be diminished does not take account of
the point that the gathering
and handling of Huge Information will itself likely bring
about costs. For an improved predictive behaviour and of a competitor big
data shall pay a major role in the determination of a competitor’s way of
thinking so as to know the best manner to counter the move. This is the type of
warfare that shall be focused on tearing down countries by the use of big data
to direct the attacks on the most vulnerable areas of the economy which will
then lead to an economic meltdown (Goodridge, P. R., & Haskel, J. (2015).

 This paper is research about how big data shall be of impact to modern
economic warfare.



In the
trajectory of information technology, there is a common understanding that that
a way in which the understanding in of multiple fields can be done. The manner
in which information is dealing with, for instance, the way big data is
processed. Processes can be narrowed down to the operation of particular
devices that are utilized in a number of devices used in these operations. The
variety and volume of big data as increased to the exponentially. In economic
warfare, it is important to note that utilization of information theory in
studying and analyzing big data would make a huge difference between the side
that wins and that other that loses. This would mean that finds from the data
can be exploited effectively to then identify weak points of states, while at
the same to learn best ways to tear down the economy in question.



theory can be applied in an economic warfare for the creation of big data which
would lead to cannibalization of an economy. This would be a question of who
eat the bait. It would involve feeding economies false information which would
be the impression that the companies are headed for a breakthrough in the use
of this data land than on an economic firestorm, instead of the creation of new
opportunities as many would be expecting. According to Robert J. Gordon, a
professor of economics at Northwestern University, this would be termed as an
economic punch which would lead to one side losing to the other.


expansion rues


of big data by information theories would lead to the false representation of
an economies growth that would then be an effective way to crash an economy. It
can also be done in real time to influence the manner in which an economy
grows. This would lead to a drop in benefits big data because it would become
clear when there is an over the sale. By creating big disruption in the pattern
of growth upwards that would then be a problem in the way an economy is run,
leading to a fall in an economy (Shambaugh, 2018).




In conclusion,
big data has the ability to destroy economies when utilized in an information
theory while considered in an economic warfare. The use of data manipulation,
global expansion rules and defective information theory would lead to a great
way of taking part in an economic warfare.

































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