Institution of Film Assignment

I think that the body snatchers represent rich yet greedy man on the search for eternal life, in order for his scientist to test their theories of transferring ones mind to another he hires people to kidnap some people so that he will get his dream of eternal life by transferring his mind into a younger body. I think this because today’s society seem to be more interested in futuristic SCI-FI than some simply aliens visiting Earth and threatening the inhabitants. For example the new released film x-men is based on the human race mutating in the future, this film as well received by the audience as the futuristic SCI-FI thrilled them.

But if x-men was based on some aliens coming to Earth and mutating humans this might not have been so well received by the audience as this has been done many times in the past decades and very few people have any interests in this now. For my adapted version of Bodysnatchers I will use special affects like computers to enhance what the audience sees and the use of digital surround sound will give them the feeling that they are actually watching the film than simply watching it.

I decided not to bring in any famous actors or actress because people will be automatically think of their past films and decide whether this film is of any interested to them. So to avoid that happening I decided to use some new actors to play the roles so people won’t decide that film is to them of no interests by just judging the film on the actors and not the storyline. To make my version of the film realistic I would choose a remote location in America, this is where the whole film will be set.

I choose such a location because not many people know if such a place exists and it would make the film more believable because very few people will believe that such things would happen in large cities like New York, because if it the whole world would have known about it by know. I believe that the original ‘Invasion of the Body snatchers’ was concerned with the issues of social movement and communism, even though the producers say the film had nothing to do with communism critics.

My version of ‘Invasion of the Body snatchers’ is concerned with the greed of certain humans and what will happen in the future if someone did invent such machines for eternal life. If it was then it I certain that there will be a 3rd World War which many countries have tired to prevent. To produce a film it will have to undergo a certain process. The first thing to do is to search for a producer that is willing to produce the film, they would need to see my script to see if what I wanted to produce was possible.

If they believe that this film is profitable and that it would receive a good audience, the producer and the scriptwriter will need to edit the script until they are both happy with it. The next step is to find a direction who also need look for suitable actors; he would then go on with the production team to make the film. After the film has been finished shooting, it then goes on to be edited to have all its scenes pasted together, then extras like special effects e. g. lighting, computer graphics would be added. It would then undergo the final pieces of sound editing.

You need to show the film BBCF to get its certified audience-viewing grade, if the BBFC believe that certain scenes should be removed due to violence etc, then it s dealt with here. The producers then find a distributor to make copies of the film and will send them out to cinemas across the country. The cinemas will need to buy the film from the distributor before they are allowed to show it; after they brought it they simple show the film on the screen. If was too have any stars in the film it would have to be Patrick Stewart, because his seems a mysterious yet educated man.

So he will be perfect for the role of the greedy man in search for eternal life by manipulating ones body as he was the person to come up with his theory of controlling another’s body and Patrick Stewart seems to suit this role. Arnold could play the henchmen that this mad man hired because he has the strong appearance yet he looks dumb and stupid so has no idea what is really going on and the uses of him kidnapping people for him as he is persuaded that they are bad people and must be punished.