Internet to others. Cyber bullying is also similar

users growing rapidly. With the increase in number of Internet Users, the
number of cyber threats also increasing.  Cyber stalking and Cyber bullying are the cyber
threats that developed from the increased users of the Internet. These threats
comes under online harassment category.

general, Cyber stalking defined as harassing individual or group through
Internet or electronic medium. Identity theft, vandalism, defamation,
embarrassment are some form of harassments that caused by cyber stalkers. Cyber
Stalking Uses internet to send emails, pictures or other kind of communication
to send malicious information or offense language which may threatens the
victim. The Victim is in no position to know, who was doing all this and what
purpose they are doing it. But the Cyber stalker will know more information
about the victim which he uses to harass the victim. For Example, if the stalker
knows the email address and password of the victim, then he may uses the victim
email to send malicious messages to others.

bullying is also similar kind of cyber threat as that of cyber stalking. The form
of harassments will be more or like similar, but the party’s involved in this
threats are minors or teenagers. Cyber bullying is minor going on minor. Cyber bullying
is increasing as the number of kids increasing to use internet. Posting mean
comments on social networking platforms, spreading false rumors about someone,
sharing information to embrace others are some examples related to cyber
bullying. Cyber bullying will be done by people as anonymous, it will be
difficult to trace who has done cyber bullying. Most of the Cyber bullying will
be done by someone you know. With the Increase in the amount of information
that predator knows, the more dangerous the bullying becomes.

bullying and cyber talking are two kind of harassment forms. Both are more or
like similar form of harassments. If the minor is involved with the both the
parties then that type of harassment will comes under Cyberbullying.