Intro: but what really happened was that her

Intro: Women, with a common dream of love, played a strong role in Tennessee Williams’s play The Glass Menagerie, and  Zora Neale Hurston’s novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. The characters of Laura and Janie, who both had the same dream but very different outcomes, wanted the same thing. They wanted to be loved and accepted by a man.. Thesis: Although in these works the authors gave the women dreams of love, it’s the love that they longed for that led to them being lonely.Love is a dream for Janie and Laura. Love is an “intense feeling of deep affection.”(according to A dream is “a strongly desired goal or purpose” (according to merriam webster) Many women like Janie and Laura think that they need love in their life in order to feel like they are happy. This thought clouds their mind and causes them to see that the only thing they need is the acceptance or love of a man and it ends up that they are both alone but in very different ways.Observation 1: Laura believes that she is different, and her family knows it. She thinks the only way she could be pretty or normal is if someone loved her, but thought that no one could love her because of who she was. Evidence:Analysis: Observation: Jim breaks her heart and Laura thinks that there is no point in trying againEvidence Analysis.Observation: Janie is so desperate for love that she will let herself be treated badlyEvidenceAnalysis: All of her love problems started because she wanted a connection with a man, who happened to be johnny taylor. Granny wanted her to have “protection” but what really happened was that her dream started to die.Observation: Even though Janie lost Teacake, who was the love of her life and the love she wanted all along, she was finally fulfilled even after his death. EvidenceAnalysisObservation Even though they ended up alone only one of them was truly lonelyEvidence Analysys Observation: Tennessee Williams had Laura end up alone but she was broken by a man, but Hurston also had Janie alone but she had her self love (author male vs female)Evidence AnalysisObservation: These women had dreams of being loved by men but all they needed was to love themselves. Observation Analysis Conclusion: In the end they both ended up without a man to love them, but the difference is that Janie got experience it. She got to experience the love that they both wanted even though it ended badly. She learned to accept the fact that you don’t need someone there in order to be loved because you can feel that love by loving yourself. Laura, however, let Jim take the light inside of her with him by giving him the broken unicorn, She blew out the light inside of her and will never be able to get that fire that Janie had inside of herself. She will stay lonely. The authors showed the two sides of ending up alone. Williams showed that if your love is gone then you will be broken and dead on the inside and on the other side Hurston showed that a woman can be alone after her love is gone and still have happiness and joy in her.  These women had dreams of being loved by men but all they needed was to love themselves.