Introduction Adidas group is one of the global


Adidas group is one of the global leaders in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad range of footwear, apparels and hardware for sports and lifestyle.

All brands are renowned for their innovation and heritage and include household names such as:

·       ADIDAS

·       REEBOK


·       ROCKPORT

·       CCM

·       ASHWORTH

·       FIVE TEN



In Singapore adidas operates only some particular department like examples below:


1.     Retail (Back Office)

The retail stores are mainly for sports enthusiasts and those who have great passion in sports. Some are more into fashion futurists who different style from others.


2.     Market & Communication

Adidas as different type of approaches when comes to advertising or marketing. Sports like football or basketball star players are well establish to sponsor sports to show good performance with their products.,


3.     Sales

Sales are given to customers on festive season basis. Examples: world cup


4.     Information technology

We are working every day on creating the best products for athletes worldwide and we are building the most innovative information technologies behind the scenes. This allows our global company to operate smoothly and securely without any traffic strains regardless of time the zone.





5.     Retail Store

Our stores are our stage to excite our customers and bring the power of sport directly to them, but the back-office team are the creators orchestrating the production. Our retail back office team organize everything from merchandizing and planning, to finding the best real-estate, managing retail operations and hiring the leadership who will take us into the future of retail.






Source found on website


By the summaries of this chart, we can notify that adidas show more interest in retail operating, market communication and sales at Singapore sector. They show more effective than another department. Recruitment and selection are very carefully established by adidas to get the best out of the employees to improve the future of adidas in Singapore.







Recruitment and selection


Our company allows quality of people to sustain success for a very long period of time. Putting them in the correct environment and potential skill with in them will rise to greater innovation for the team and company whish adidas always appreciates. In every candidate there are different qualities. To have confident, creativity and collaboration attributes are far most important things needed in a person to working at adidas. There are many opportunities given in adidas at Singapore. There are departments in offices (backdoor) or departments in sales (Retail) and many more. Adidas is fast growing enterprise which include many career opening opportunities for all Retail leaderships skills, retail and virtual merchandising etc.

We recruit candidates in many ways example social platforms/ colleges or universities. All these potential candidates my human resource department can be seen and analysed who are best fit for the jobs. Job fairs and seminars by adidas are also a efficient way to recruit new faces to adidas. Because there will more interaction between the them and us to know them well enough for the right job.







E.G. Website recruitments






E.G. Adidas career website




Selection process in adidas is based more on knowledge, experience and capabilities. Putting them in the matching organization with their set of skills and qualifications company will see prosper and good turn outs in future because of their effort and hard work. Management training programme will be later added to their career after they are selected for the job.


1)     Personal attributes

Ø  Visionary, motivational, dynamic and adaptable


2)     Interpersonal Capabilities

Ø  Team leadership, People strategy, Consumer obsessed, Think big picture and negotiation skills


3)     Knowledge skills

Ø  Graduate level(Diploma/Degree), Experience/exposure in the similar organization and Strong communication skills


Internships and part times workers are given proper training and prove to show good working conducts and ethics will be also selected for jobs at adidas. This show HR management are efficiently and precise about recruiting employees.  


Human resource practices for company functions

Adidas is a global leading company with a lot of potentials. We will strike for the best in their employees to get results in them. HR department has been doing a lot of creative and hardworking ideas to make adidas who they are right now and for the future. They are following example’s what kind of practice they follow:

·       Employer of the year or choice

·       Diversity working environments

·       Health and safety

·       Training and development

·       Rewards

·       Rights and rules for employees E.G. adidas code of conduct






Human resource contribution and challenges they face and way to overcome

HR department designed and build adidas for more innovation creation for existing and future situations. Creating a flexible supply chain to place our self above the competition. Recruiting, selection, training and development are to be focus on sustainability. Spreading the working environment for productions sales and retail shows their efficiency.