INTRODUCTION equipments and understand and appreciate its role



cleaning equipment has been underestimated and the importance of correct use of
manual cleaning equipment has been undervalued for the longest time now.
Cleaners now a days treat it as easily disposable. Hence, it is imperative for the
cleaning operatives to learn the proper use of the cleaning equipments and
understand and appreciate its role delivery of service and also develop an
understanding the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment to retain its
efficiency for longer period of time. Also, making the right decision when
choosing manual cleaning equipment is extremely important, not least of all
because it will directly influence how efficiently cleaning operatives can
work; choosing inappropriate or inefficient equipment will have an adverse
effect on the efficiency of your business. Also, posture while using any manual
cleaning equipment that is, stooping, crouching, etc., also reduces efficiency
by 50%. Hence, it is imperative not to provide hand held dust pans to the cleaning

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there is a vast range of equipments to choose from, it is important to have a
proper understanding of the applications of the manual cleaning equipment which
will lead to greater degree of efficiency from those involved in the delivery
of service.


There is a lot of equipment out there and a
lot of decisions to make when considering the most efficient items needed
within your own working environment.


Basically, manual cleaning equipment can be
broken down into the following categories, depending on the way in which you
intend to clean:

floor equipment

Wall or
vertical surface equipment

level cleaning equipment

and soft furnishing equipment

 In this new age, manual cleaning
equipment has been substituted with mechanical/electrical cleaning equipments
which increase the efficiency and also save time.



As the name depicts, these equipment require electrical power to
operate. They are operated either on AC power or on the battery. Some important
electric equipment are ?

Sweeper ? It is electric sweeper that consists of a friction brush. The
brush often is fit to revolve vertically or horizontally, when the equipment
moves on the surface. It can clean floors as well as carpets. The wider the
better is the box sweeper brush.

Care and
storage- Housekeeping staff should be
trained well to operate the vacuum cleaner. The wheels of the machines are need
to be oiled periodically. After use the box should be checked and emptied. The
machine should be wiped daily. The brush of the box needs to be clean and
changed periodically.

Cleaner ? It is again a majorly used equipment in hotel housekeeping. It
comes with a suction motor fit in a case, a hose, and various attachment for
delicate as well as tough cleaning requirements.

Care and
storage- Vacuum cleaner will
give maximum cleaning efficiency when they are maintained well. Housekeeping
staff should be trained well to operate the vacuum cleaner. The wheels of the
machines are need to be oiled periodically. After use dust bag should be
checked and emptied. The machine should be wiped daily.

Machine ? They are used to add a shine to the floors of most frequented
areas of the hotel.

Cleaning Machine ? They are used where the chemical odours
are not desired. They are equipped for continuous operation. They heat up
quickly and work with low amount of moisture. They kill the beg bugs and their
eggs, the yielding a completely clean environment.

Care and Storage- Steam cleaning is not always a perfect solution to your cleaning
needs. Here are some things you need to remember when steam cleaning:

cleaned surfaces will still need to be wiped with a cloth – the steam
loosens the dirt, but doesn’t remove it
protective clothing and goggles when using a steam cleaner
steam comes in contact with skin, it can cause painful burns
tasks may still be done quicker by hand – think before you use the steam
to follow the directions when using a steam cleaner.




Spinner Hard Surface Cleaner

Cleaning hard surface floors is
easier than ever with the Spinner Hard Surface Cleaner. It features a 12-inch
cleaning path and delivers up to 3,000 PSI of cleaning power to blast away dirt
and grime on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, tile and grout, and
rubber-studded floors.

Make grout and tile cleaner than ever

Up to 3,000 PSI of cleaning power

Low profile design for hard-to-reach areas

Features a 12-inch vacuum cleaning path


Hard Surface Cleaning Tool

The Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface
Cleaning Tool features a 15″ cleaning path that’s 25% larger than standard hard
surface tools. It handles pressures from 700-2,600 PSI and is compatible with
portables and truck mounts.

15″ cleaning path

Effective range from 800 PSI – 2,600 PSI

Compatible with portables and truck mounts

Works on smooth or rough surfaces



Small Area Cleaning Machine

The MotoMop works like a tiny auto
scrubber. It effectively cleans up spills and messes and leaves the floor
cleaner and drier than a traditional mop and bucket. It takes up a fraction of
the space in your storage closet too!

More effective than a mop and bucket

Battery operated—no cords!

360-degree motion allows for cleaning in all directions

Folds flat for easy storage

13.5″ cleaning path