Introduction: especially for the Trump Administration, with the

Introduction: Lately North Korea has tested their boundaries with the U.S launching their missile testing, nearly hitting Japan. And it’s getting worse especially for the Trump Administration, with the many consequences of going on the offense the Trump Administration is standing on a tightrope. One mistake could lead to a nuclear war. One that doesn’t just harm us, but furthermore harming the environment. Other countries are getting caught in the crossfire while trying to avoid the conflict. While North Korea is persistent on trying to create conflict for personal gains, fueling the fire for a potential nuclear war.First Perspective: President Trump’s Plan for North Korea Entering his first year in office President Trump has to deal with the ongoing crisis of North Korea. Trump was not afraid to Tweet his input on how North Korea’s behavior was presented “.. very badly. They have been “playing” the United States for years. China has done little to help!” (Macfarquhar, Roderick. “Ousting North Korea’s Dictator.”New York Times, 7 Apr. 2017, p. A31(L). ). His plans seem to be for China to let him use Beijing for a more controlled attack on North Korea limiting casualties and destruction of surrounding structures, but that is only if China is willing to corporate. If China doesn’t then Trump could still strike, but it would be more difficult for both sides and might possibly drag China down as well.  Second Perspective: Trump Administration’s Attempts To Pressure North Korea: Meanwhile, his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has not been quiet about the issue, in fact, he has been planning their attack. Though Tillerson is a big voice in this situation Trump’s Administrations have also been figuring ways to challenge North KoreaThird Perspective: Citizens Of The U.S:The citizens of America are panicking, fearing the capabilities of a missile that could target the U.S. Especially the residents of Los Angeles seeing that it is said to be a potential target for North Korea. Knower’s Perspective: North Korea is a threat to the U.S with its increase in nuclear weapons to their reckless missile testings, but I believe that withholding our actions with North Korea is not a good move for us, because if we are not confident in our actions and hesitate to attack, it increases North Korea’s confidence. Thought the U.S has made countless actions in pressuring North Korea, it has shown to be ineffective. I suspect that North Korea is only doing this to get supplies for their country. Based on past actions they’ve used their threats to demand supply from America in exchange for their cease in missile testing and advances in nuclear weapons. Though they make threats of war I do not think that they will carry out on their actions, because war would just degrade their country even more. I believe that Kim Jong-un wants to improve North Korea for his personal gains. And if war hits countless casualties will happen and they will fall in war debts giving no benefit to both sides.Possible Solutions: A possible solution could be to start an uprising in North Korea itself. The citizens haven’t realise that they deserve basic human rights. Being oppressed for so long they’ve become numb to that idea, but if we could find a way to turn on that lightbulb in their heads and lend them support. They could overthrow Kim Jong-un, this could also create a perfect opportunity for the U.S, since North Korea will be distracted on suppressing their own citizens, the U.S would be able to swoop in with a sneak attack and aid the citizens with their rebellion. Though there will be casualties there won’t be as many as if it were a nuclear war. Afterwards South Korea and North Korea can finally murge to be Korea in its whole once again which also fulfills China’s desires.