Introduction from the new procedure of approval. The


As time has come along over many decades the European Union has combined
itself taking over six nations that now makes up twenty-five countries that are
joined together for the European Union to strengthen the power of the Euro that
is controlled by the European government (Luxembourg, 2004). The European Union
has maintained the union witch happens to be a combined by a large group that has
grown more difficult to control.  Many
people have been chosen to try to help regulate and control the administration
of the European Union but to maintain and keep the arrangements in the union to
a controllable low the union used the Constitution to help bring order to the
new twenty-five countries that are made up from six nations to help strengthens
the Euro (“The History of the European Union”, 2004).

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of this new administration the European Union now uses this as an example on
the governmental level for the other countries to follow through with the
procedure of public approval in each of the countries (“The History of the
European Union”, 2004). For the twenty-five countries to keep and maintain the
union working at a successful rate the European Union 
 needs to have all six nations
come together as a joint union. Because of this request from European Union this
has made this task more difficult for the European nations to collectively
unify; the European government wants to be able to move forward by controlling
the administration of the European Union for the success of the Euro (Luxembourg,

In order for the twenty-five countries to have an increasing
number for a successful administration in the union, the European government
needed to create a new tradition that would include the constitution allowing
the entire Union to have the limited right to choose in each country (Craig,
2005). This allowed the citizens of these nations to make decisions from the new
procedure of approval. The European Union wanted the nations to embrace the
Euro that focused on the disposal of swapping the scale (Craig, 2005).  “The six nations found it hard to increase the
exchange abroad and crosswise over outskirts and growing markets for business
as a portion of the upsides of euro cash nations” (Luxembourg, 2004). “The
values and straightforwardness on the topic of the Euro is another example of
the responses of the twenty-five countries that are on the fence about the
euro, this is one the powers that the twenty-five sovereign countries uses to
communicate with the European Union” (Craig, 2005).

The countries wanted to express their feelings toward the Euro to
the European government to see if this new union of nations would be allowed to
maintain their individuality between nations because of the new European Union (Luxembourg,

The European constitution, that helped impact a part of this
research I took into consideration some of that context for content in this
paper, I expect to investigate how the Constitution will influence the way of
life inside the European Union through the lawful changes forced on countries
and the further development of the Union while taking a deeper look at the power
of the Euro and how the change has progressed over time.