Introduction merely just perceiving them through our senses

Introduction The world and the lives we live are both complicating and undecidable to endure, with the every so need to get ahead and improve our own lives. At some point in this every living finite day, I have came to a point where I questioned the deeper meaning behind the lives of humans and myself more specifically. Furthermore, I felt compelled to idea of having a deeper and more fluorescent purpose. The eventual internal  interrogation lead me to form my own fews and break off from those I had been taught to me since the day I reached the ability to comprehend language. These religious beliefs I had been indoctrinated to believe, eventually lead to the point I reached later in my existence. At the time I began to grasp complex and critical thinking, many of the things that seemed to fit in perfect harmony with no reason to doubt lead to to a newer version of myself to question and discover error after error in what was seemingly perfect to me at one time. As I became more familiar  My most important philosophical  view is consists of the philosophical school of realism and determinism. Realism is a philosophical concept that goes back to the Plato. The idea that objects exist independent of our thoughts and beliefs.  The reality that the world of physical objects still exist and that we are merely just perceiving them through our senses which in turn combine or clash with our personal ideas. Many of the sciences today are a result of thinking with the idea of realism in mind. That supernatural forces are not in control of what we see or our world as a whole but rather we are merely just observers of the world we were born into. Determinisms, the idea that everything is predetermined, every event or thing to ever occur in our lives or in history is pre decided.  I am a firm believer in indeterminism, is the way I see it, events occur as a result of past events. In saying that all the events to ever happen are predetermined is to believe that someone, or a creator made it that way. In this paper, I will discuss my personal philosophical beliefs regarding determinisms. Analysis Determinism consists of the general  idea that all events, including the actions of humans are predetermined and thus inevitable. There are multiple types of determinism including pre-determines which consists of the idea that the entire spectrum of time including the past and the future, since the beginning of the existence of the universe have been predetermined. Determination is the idea that events can be determined with satisfactory by events of the past such as desires without being predetermined before the birth of the person or as far back to the beginning of the universe. Fatilsm, a form of determinism also consists of the idea that every future event is destined to happen, Fatalism doesn’t usually include interference with a high power or creator. In simple terms, fatalism can be connected to the saying, “whatever happens, happens.”. Branched from deterisms are compatibilism and incompatibilism. Compatibilism accept  free will and determinism can coexist and thus argue that man is free to a certain extend even if his choices are completely predetermined. Incompatibilist on the other hand, don’t believe the idea of freewill and determinism can coexist. The idea of determinism has been controversial to say the least however, I am able to see some examples of asterisms in our everyday world. The idea claims that world continues to exist completely independent of the mind. Realism can be applied to numerous objects, processes, and can also be linked to morality, thought, mathematical concepts and the past or the future for that matter. There are multiple types of realism, which variation in the idea, the most notable types include, Platonic Realism, Moderate Realism, Modal Realism and Moral Realism.. . The idea of realism while takes many forms and some very complex to understand all contain the basic point of view, that the world is independent of our mind. Argument The notion that our lives are predetermined take away much of the free will we may be illusioned to have. If every event is destined to occur no matter the circumstances, then how can one someone change their the future of their lives if it’s simply meant to happen.  I personally hold the view that determinism isn’t correct and I have several arguments with a basis to back it. If determinism really exists, then that means free will is merely an illusion that at the basis of it, will control the direction of our lives from beginning to end. To begin with, a well known argument by John Searle argues that our personal experience of free will in the development and evolution of things if everything you do is predetermined. If our minds were never able to really choose, why did they develop the false ability to pick and choose as we please. In essence, if evolution and darwin was indeed correct which substantial evidence suggest he was, deterimsms is contradicted by the evolutionary process that has governed the way species are created and formed since the beginning of life inself.  However the opposite can be said that if determimsm is in indeed a real thing, then the basis of evolution cannot coexist with many of the things determims suggest. Many have taken the creationist look at the question of determimsm suggesting a possible link between a god or creator of some sort. The predetermination of every event suggests a creator or god of some sort. Which brings me to my next argument. If everything is predetermined why does God punish people for sinning if he is causing them to sin? Why are some condemned to go to be punished for eternity when meryl they just experienced a life with illusionary choice. Every act of sin in determinsm is predetermined, thus the abiltiy to live out ones life as a good person is not in the hands of the person but merly the force or creator setting the events of our reality into play. This brings me to my next point, If someone commits a crime, is it justified to punish him if he is simply doing what he was destined to do. Determism doesnt seem to be the purpose of our lives, if determimsm is indeed true then we really don’t have a purpose. Conclusion Discussing the meaning of our lives is a topic that can relate to everything and might single handedly be the most important idea that we will ever come across. As humans, we like to think our lives have some divine purpose and only that we are capable of controlling our own destiny. Our understanding of our reality, the world around us, and the drive that continues the cycle life has led to the formation of ideas and answers. Realism and determinism are just explanations, wheter they are true or not, will