INTRODUCTION project entitled “EPC Works for Non Process



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This career episode deals with the project entitled “EPC Works for Non Process Buildings &
Revamping of Existing Plant Buildings” which I did while working in AMANA Contracting & Steel Building
L.L.C. I was engaged in the project from July 2012 to December 2013 as Senior
Planning Engineer. The project activities were performed for Ruwais Fertilizer
Industries (FERTIL) located at
Ruwais Industrial Complex, approximately 250 km west of the city of Abu
Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The new plant was similar to existing Ammonia-Urea
Plant which was operated by FERTIL.



Contracting & Steel Building L.L.C. is leading contractor of the region and
has added number of industrial and commercial facilities to constructed
buildings. The company is popular by its works on providing design-build
solutions for fast-track projects. However, FERTIL is fertilizer manufacturer of Abu Dhabi, which
utilises gas supplied from seaward fields. This company supplies fertilizers in
both national and international market. Thus, this project
work was performed so as to add several Non-Process Buildings to the existing Ammonia-Urea Plant of FERTIL.
Furthermore, I worked on reconditioning existing buildings and several other
civil works related to features of existing plant (FERTIL-1).



The prime objective of this project work was to procure,
construct and commission works related to Non-Process Buildings and reconditioning
existing buildings. Besides this, I set some other objectives for the project
applicability. Some of them, can be pointed out as:

To attain least pearl building rating for design
and construction of non-processing buildings





In this project work, i performed entire project activities
under project manager. Thus, I reported project progress to the manager in
daily, weekly and monthly basis. The organizational chart below represents my
position on this project:


Organizational Chart representing my position during project

My roles and responsibilities


Since, I was involved in the project
as senior planning engineer, I was mainly responsible for providing work schedule
and resource requirements so as to achieve all the project goals within
specified time frame. Besides these, I performed some more activities for the
project and I was fully responsible for their success. Some of them are shown





Personal Engineering Activities


In this project work, I monitored
all the phases of project life cycle. In that regard, I prepared number of
baseline schedules

At the beginning of the project, I
thoroughly investigated several contract documents like drawings, bill of quantities,
condition of works, etc. After that, on the basis of investigation, I set
requirements and deliverables of the project. Furthermore, I worked on
preparation of milestone schedule for works so as to clarify project
deliverables and their respective timelines to the project team and project
manager. At the same time, I developed organization chart in collaboration with
project manager.

After that, I worked on
developing work schedule for the project. For that, I made breakdown structure
of work firstly. And then, I prepared baseline structure including various
sectors such as design, procurement, construction, etc. with the help of
primavera software. Following that, I added requirements and allocation of
resources, labours, machinery and materials to the schedule. At the same time, I
addressed planned date for each design deliverable to the design team. Similarly,
I worked on drawings submittal plan of shop drawings for approval from client. Likewise,
I directed my work on independent time frame allocation of construction
activities. Finally, I worked on testing,
commissioning, demobilization so as to obtain final connection and NOC
from concerned authorities.

On the other hand, I assured appropriate
collection of required resources on due time. Moreover, I timely advised project
manager about requirements of manpower and equipment for attainment of project
goals in specified time interval. Along with that, I issued construction
drawings following the approval of design from employer and concerned

Thereafter, I

Throughout the project period, I prepared
progress report and time sheet in daily basis in order to update project
progress at site along with deployed quantity and man-hours.  These reports assisted me in increasing
efficiency and productivity of manpower at site. At the same time, I made
report about wasted materials so as to help project manager in maintaining the
efficiency of project progress.


Additionally, I was more
concerned about health, safety and environment in entire project period. Therefore,
I managed to follow all the rules of No
Tolerance on safety policy. Moreover, I arranged Tool Box talk with team
members at site on daily basis for the purpose of ensuring safe working
environment for each of them.




I personally reviewed all the
drawings prepared by design department and suggested them several solutions needed
to solve conflicts at site. Moreover, I observed clash between existing
utilities and proposed design in design rev 00. Thereafter, I discussed with
the project manager about found clashes and upon his request, I worked as
design coordinator and gave necessary concept to design team about ways to
tackle observed problems.