Introduction the entity to sustain and accelerate further.


The business environment is the composite of a business’s
surroundings and factors, that affect an organization’s decisions, its
purposes, and its goals. These factors are economic. All the stakeholder
influence in operating a business. Therefore, a business-friendly environment
is tried to create by every organization which will lead the organization to
meet its mission and vision. The whole business environment is sorted into three types. a) Micro, b) Macro and c)
Market. Internal forces that directly affect the business such as-
shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors; are the
components of micro-environments. Uncontrollable external factors build up
macro-environment such as- culture, society, politics, geography, and
demography. Components of the industry in which a business is operated comprise
the market environment.So, in nowadays companies around the globe want to make
such environment that assists the entity to sustain and accelerate further.

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P1 Describing The Business, Purpose, And
Ownership Of Two Contrasting Businesses


is an economic entity where products and services are exchanged with a view to
earning a profit. Investment and
customers are required in this financial activity to sustain in the market.
Several types of business organizations are seen in the market:

1.      Public

2.      Private

3.      Sole

4.      Profit

5.      Non-profit

we will choose two organizations. These are Coca-cola and Alibaba. Coca-cola is
the world’s largest beverage company, based in the USA. It provides the world with over 1.9 billion servings in more than 200
countries each day. Coca-cola is a publicly owned profit organization. It is
environment-friendly, a sustainable company which is lead by innovation.

The purposes of the Coca-cola are:

To refresh the world.

To inspire moments of optimism and

To create value and make a difference.

Whereas Alibaba is the largest
e-commerce company in the world, it is based in China.