Introduction: to prevent scope creep. · The requirements


is something that reflects the schedule and the amount of work to be done
timely. Scope creep is something that occurs as a change in the project at the
peak times due to budget constrains or due to clients asking the team to change
few things in the project. The project manager should be responsible to
communicate either with team members or clients about the issue. The change can
be any form it can be from clients or it can be from employees or it can be due
to financial problems. Since, scope creep is unavoidable, project managers
should be expecting changes in the project at any point of time usually after
the midway of the project schedule.

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Scope Creep:

Creep is a phrase described as an uncontrolled growth that is occurred in the
project after the project is started which delays the project deadline and
limits the scope of the project. It is an unexpected event that occurs in the
process of the project development which leads to delay in the project and
going over in the budget. This usually occurs when the project team was asked
to add more features to the project without changing the budget and deadline to
the project. This might also occur in the other way by providing more budget,
changing the deadline and more staffing, since it affects the scope of the
project in the negative form, it is termed as Scope Creep.

Reasons for Scope Creep:

·       Lack
of knowledge on the scope of the project may lead to scope creep.

·       Clients
trying to get more work done on the same budget.

·       Team
member contacting the client directly.

·       Poor
analysis of the project requirements and deadlines.

·       Being
inflexible in managing the project.

·       Deviating
from the project schedule and plan.

Scope Creep Prevention:

today’s world in any industry it is impossible to identify the scope creep
while the project is in process. Here are few things the project manager and
project members should keep in mind in order, to prevent scope creep.

·       The
requirements should be documented properly and by making sure that everyone are
in same stance about requirements.

·       The
managers should provide a clear schedule to its team members and make shore
that the work will be done on time.

·       A
clear and proper explanation should be given to clients about the scope of the
project, timelines and budget.

·       A
proper Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) should be provided.

·       The
team should be kept motivated and proper training should be given to team

·       Avoiding
gold plating, which means adding more features to the project without the
concern of the client.

·       Understanding
the client’s requirements and the end product that the client is looking for.


a conclusion, it is sometimes good to have scope creep. Because it helps the
client to get what they need, this will have a positive influence on the scope
of the project only if the client is able to accept the change in the budget
and deadline. Since, scope creep is unavoidable, project managers should some
how manage things as much as possible without changing the budget and without
deviating from the schedule initially provided.