IntroductionOn After observing the dynamics and workforce of

IntroductionOn 12th of January, students enrolled in the Database Systems course were provided the opportunity to visit an esteemed company in the field of information technology. This was to scrutinize first-hand how the knowledge learnt in courses could be incorporated in the workplace to address problems and push cutting-edge technologies.Brief description of Juris TechnologiesThe visit was to Juris technologies, a well-known company providing software solutions in the fields of Financing and loan organisation, credit administration, debt collection and recovery, and customer relationship management. Juris technologies has provided solutions for major banks and other business entities within Malaysia and abroad for years. Chronological sequence of activitiesStudents arrived at the Juris technologies headquarters at 10:40 AM and were welcomed by the COO of the company, Mr Naaman Lee, where he officiated the visit by delivering a motivational talk, sharing valuable experience and giving great advice related to courses students were undertaking. This quote “You will stop paying to learn, and will get money for learning” was especially inspirational.Afterwards, students were introduced to different departments that cooperated to strive for utmost success. Students learned the importance of teamwork, management and customer service for any IT solution provider. This was followed by a tour of the office, which was educational as students now had a realistic impression of their future workplace environment. A great number of students had never seen a typical IT company’s work environment. After observing the dynamics and workforce of the Juris technologies, students were treated with a tasty lunch, and after that were instructed to retreat to a lecture hall area where a series of presentations were conducted to educate students about Juris technologies. Finally, students returned to the university by 1 PM, much wiser and knowledgeable. Knowledge acquiredOne important outcome of this trip was learning the full cycle of software development. Having completed basic and introductory courses thus far, students knew only how to code a small program individually and had no notion of vast process of software development and SDLC. Students examined how Juris has incorporated Agile methodology for rapid development which takes a project from phase to phase quickly through collaborative effort of developers and managers. Using Agile methodology, projects are completed fast, and only upon completion, the team invests resources and time in perfecting the project.In addition, to realize projects, students learned how Juris employees are segregated into two teams, namely Professional Service Engineers and Software Engineers. The two teams work closely with one another and the customers to achieve highest results. When one student asked what the software engineers of Juris think is the greatest skill to have as a developer, he was promptly informed that it would be Database Systems and SQL. They reasoned how the best IT solutions rely on data to process and provide results, and processing huge volumes of data is most efficiently possible through optimized Database Systems. The developers continued that among other must have skills in Juris are PHP, CSS, HTTP and Oracle.CommentsUndoubtedly, the trip has been most illuminating. Being able to personally observe an IT firm’s workplace cleared many doubts and questions. Students were able to converse with great individuals in the industry and gain valuable advice that put everything into perspective. Seeing the multicultural and multinational workforce of the Juris company was a treat to international students, diminishing fears regarding unemployability of international students in Malaysia. Furthermore, learning how a typical IT firm such as Juris frequently promotes capable employees instilled a sense of will into students, propelling them to strive for greatness, learning that being exceptional is recognized and rewarded in this field.However, students noticed that programming languages and APIs used by Juris are somewhat outdated and not on par with other major IT companies. This could be due to the fact that their biggest customers, banks, use very old technologies, and to provide solutions for them Juris has to stick to older tools and means.