Introductions . The neoliberalism it the program of

            Introductions of neoliberalism theory ; meaning “Neoliberalism isin the first instance a theory of political economic practices that proposesthat human well-being can best be advanced by liberating individualentrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutional frameworkcharacterized by strong private property rights, free markets, and free trade.”(David Harvey, A Brief History of Neoliberalism, 2005, p.2). so is the largerbody of arrangement the system of capitalist in economic policies that unregardlimit and restrictions for manufacture of to reduce business barriers in commercetrade , make free market and reduce the tariffs that going up to internationalpolitical economy .The issue here to have the business trade between countries, and to sure the free movement of people and there enterprises and resourceswill maximize the profit and efficiency in international economy.

Manycountries have accepted the capitalism economic system by creating own theirpotential productions and the chance of nations business trade in internationalmarket as well the opportunity of own the countries through interaction amongof the people, governments, and from different national to national also inindustrials companies production without limit sell and buy .So neoliberalismthinking about the freedoms of individual movement, free market and tradefreedoms and own interest of private properties            Thebackground of neoliberalism; Embedded liberalism of during the post wartime of compromise of labor and capital in 1776 when Adam smith address wealthnations in British economic which it was high rate of capital income growthproductions ,the were control on the mobility of income ,monetary policies andKeynesian fiscal in 1960 it was the end of embedded liberalism became tocollapsed .After the collapse of embedded liberalism made arrangements orrestructuring to extended international market the effort of the United statesAmerica and G 8 nations but now day as we know G 7 because Russia is out . G 7 nations are the USA, China,  japan , Germany ,UK, France and Italy. The G8the arrangement a system of free market or capitalism were there reduce thecost in trade or profit rate also it was influence the cooperation’s among thenations to revive economic liberalism which today we call neoliberalism . Theneoliberalism it the program of to power elite economy and the created aninstitutions suh as the World bank (WB), The world Trade organizations (WTO)and International monetary fund (IMF)The introductions of developmentDevelopment has many different meaning .for some people development meansmacroeconomic growth and the accumulations of wealth.

For others developmentmeans improving the human condition .these conceptions are not necessarilymutually exclusive ,but they arise from competing worldviews that often  contest the causes of and therefore thesolutions to poverty and underdevelopment Thomas  is improvement in human welfare quality oflife, social wellbeing. satisfying the populations needs and wants (measureduse a range of socio economic indicators ).or is the steps or process ofimprovement of living standard and good life . living standard is stage theirsituation of living in better condition life within our an environmentconditions a national can easer distribution resources and provide socialservice to their citizen of social services are health service, educations ,infrastructure ,water supply to their citizen and electricity energy  as well if a person can get these I explainabove we can account as development individual so we can say Gross domesticproduction is key indicator of development with the country the grow ofnational product it help to get necessary needsThe impact of neoliberalism ondevelopment Theimpact of neoliberalism in Tanzania it bring Tanzania global economic orinternational economic by use neoliberalism now Tanzania driving global marketsuch business trade, financial business and investment by joint withinternational trade organizations (ITO), world bank and international monetaryfund