IntroductionThe of equal pay for a similar job

IntroductionThe issue that certain jobs or roles are not meant for women has been a debate sinci the Civil right movement.Women have since then taken action to be heard and continue to fight for equal rights up to this day. A more common notion is that women are meant to mother that is to child rearing,house chores and be understanding to their husbands.Dating way back to the Victorian era, a woman who spoke her mind and engaged in activities such as hunting or shooting was seen ar rather too forward and was most likely to be looked down upon and always a controversy.For women marriage,child rearing and cooking has been labeled the best achievement every woman should be capable of hence it is no wonder that women who seem to take on jobs such as construction,engineering among others are seen as rebels(lack of better word) or praised when in actuality it should not be so.This paper will focus on the certain conception on women professional or side jobs.BackgroundFor decades up until this day women have had to suppress their passion die to society norms which nowadays has become less apparent as men too, have joined in support for women rights and equality.Domestically, countries such as Ireland has slowly integrated all roles to be non gender specific.For instance, fathers now mother that means men are now more involved in child rearing and helping around the house. What is more appalling in this country is that they no longer regulate the jobs and the chances of equal pay for a similar job which male counterparts occupy.The rate of uneployment ver ther decade has been unstable nothelesss there is been progress up to this dy as the rate has significantly dropped from a 9,9% in 2014 to a 5,4% in 2017 this therefore means women are taking up more jobs than prior years. Other countries are yet to catch up with the United States showing little progress.Moreover, the issue of culture come into play especially in African countries. In sub-saharan Africa, women morale is rather low hence discouraging them to engage pr purdue in careers that take too much of their time.However, there has been a significant rise of women becoming entrepreneurs due to the fact that it is more flexible to keep a stable home whilst making a standard living or pursuing own passions.Merits Of Women In JobsToday it should be recognised that just like the touch women bring at home they also tend to carry it to their work place. Women in power have a different way of conducting business, for instance they tend to be more sympathic and understanding provideing workers with need to strive and work for the betterment of the company. Women of notable presence in the professional arena include Oprah Winfrey who has taken the social media scene by force despite the odds. Her career and presence in American media at that time broke down a lot of barriers including views on sexual abuse and racial segregation. This as a result made her famously known as the “daytime queen”, her work managed to bring together people of different backgrounds and colour in the same room to discuss issues that were not usually a topic in public including jovial issues as well. During that time women in general were not invested in such upfront career jobs as it was risk to criticism and negative feedback moreover being a black woman at that time. Her presence in the media scene brought about more exemplary behaviour fro girls and boys including older women or men’s perspective on controversila issues that time.In respective of women in different careers,Africa has the most appling lck of women in high positions. However, those that occupy such offices tend to bring better social change to working atmosphere. Most countries being patrichial societies it is rare to see a women occupying the office of chief or prime minister without the need to constantly defend their positions. Notably in Malawi, a chief in a village of Malawi made a lot of headlines for her role on finally terminating child marriages a practice that has been practised for centuries. When conducting a research the United Nations found out that more girls had to undergo marriages initiation at a very young age before fullu blossoming into adults. Her role and contribution to the society of Dedza district, Kachindamoto is a force to reckon with as firstly the role of chief is tradionally for men. This iconic move shows that having women in positio they tend to not overlook matters as they themselves also tend to understand the need for change mostly because it could or would have affected them. The chief’s bold move has shed light on practices that are not only harsh but also opprosing to girl child as from a young age they are taught that a man is sovereign and they ought to do whatever it takes to make him happy.The political arena is one of the most professional places wereby the image of diversity is portrayed  but only a small percentage of women actually occupy high offices. In Zimambwe under the regime of former president R.G Mugabe, Joyce Mujuru was o of the youngest minister at age of 49 meaning women one are underrepresented and so are the youths. In 2004 she was selected as vice president of Zimbabwe a position she carried so well encouraging aspiring women to take a plunge into the political sphere.  However when it came to the possibility of her being a president due to the then president’s ailing health, Mujuru was allegedy to be involved in an inner faction that was opposing the president therefore being outcastedvfrom the party. The general conception being based on the patriachial traditions of the nation, a woman can not be in power as a man is regarded the head of the house and hsould be equally applied in working environments. Having set an exemplary role whilst in office and other choices that are not approved young women across the nation have taken it upon themselves to be more hands on political matters as their under representation mean that issues affecting the girl child can simply or easily be overloked.Women In ProfessionsAnother common misconception and more common is that women are not doctors, this one example of discriminations that women face in working spaces. A woman is seen as fit to be a nurse a carer as it is more relatable to her supposed  role at home of being a mother. Women who take on more ‘challenging’ professions such as being a doctor,engineer, austronat or  brick layer among other occupations is usually questioned about her feminity. Those more prone to these questions are those in the construction industry and engineering field, there are oftenly viewed as gay being of course the dominant individual in the relation as they take on . In the transport sector women are being more included into the job as the industry is more open to the idea and women advocates for women equality. The Asian Development Bank is prioritising the need to be incluse of all genders as it only beneficiary to the business as new ideas and intiatives are implemented and improvements made.It aimed increasing its transport to be more accommodating by making prjects that can be more inclusive regardless of gender. What this means for the Asia And Pacific region is that women or any gender can use their project without feeling under pressure to confirm to any cultural expectation as modern projects and plans are put in place.ProposalThere a number of different ways to improve the exclusion of women in occupations that they mostly desire. One case study is Zimbabwe were by the country is deemed the highly educated country in Africa with most people holding at least some form of certification from an educational system. Despite this applausible achievement, as a country it lacks the ability to encourage its women to purue higher position or jobs that male dominated. In the construction business women can only aspire to be architects or assistant and are usually not hired if they can lay brick, good electrician etc. Therefore it is should be noted under the labour code that no descrimination should be ousted on any gender when it comes to any job. An implementation requiring only one’s ability to do the job without overlooking skilss due one’s sexuality. Only 30% of the women being part of the nation’s working force out of that percentage only about 3% occupying position of chairship. Since there has been a glass ceiling above most women advancement, women are to venture more into their owm companies that exclusively meant uplift othe women and employ each other. Enterprenuership is one way to take on a patriachial society such as Zimbabwe. A construction company incested and managed by a women to promote women who are equally interested in the profession as this century women are now being praised and making headlines for outdoing men or just being independent. Women in power such as those with political sphere, church or businesses should endorse one another that is one way to be more heard and stop being looked down upon as well as using the power of internet to gain control and more access. In conclusion women should able to question and go after their passions despite the controversies that come with it.  Women such as Hillary Clinton are already making a statement in the political scene including Kim Campbell of Canada. Cultural barriers that prevent the freedom of expression should be redifened and women will have the will and motivation to pursue their carries. Labour laws have to revised to accommodate a gender neutral requirement to be employed in any industry or position as long as one has the ability,skilss and strength to execute the work in question. Including women in different work environment adds value as women bring about a certain energy and enthusiasm to their work, being abe to ‘mother’ has its own advantage.References…/tp-28-Gender.pd…/gender-tool-kit-transport.pdf?