Inventions The ‘Internet of Things’ and 3D Printing.

Inventions of numerous modern innovative technologies take place almost every day, every hour and maybe even right now somewhere in some place… In fact, from a last couple of years there has been creation of more than around 150 different technologies. Besides, there’s just one challenge that the world faces today on the basis of sustainability, that is- If innovations are taking place on this planet at such great rate, will the humans be able to face Sustainability challenges in the future? Will such rapidly growing innovations complement Sustainable Development?

The increasingly autonomous development of computing industries identify some of the most prominent emerging technologies- The ‘Essential Eight’ which are Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Drones, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Electric Vehicles, The ‘Internet of Things’ and 3D Printing. We have reached to an extraordinary level by the development of such extraordinary innovations…

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However, one of the most wonderful creations of mankind is the “Electric Car”! Well as the name suggests, Electric Vehicles run on electricity instead of fuel (Petrol/Diesel). Whereas, there’s one such company which markets the electric cars – Tesla Motors. Effectively, Tesla Motors has simply shown success, as they make people electric vehicles (EVs) that people desire and can afford. Fuelled innovation and popularized Electric Vehicles have leaded other leading competitors to hand partnerships with Tesla Motors which would help in the expansion of the market of Electric Cars. Although, according to the prediction of multinational motor companies, till the year 2030 there’s a chance of the entire market of auto would change itself into EVs.

Another such exceptional innovation which states itself to complement sustainable development is – “Virtual Reality”. Yes you read it right Virtual reality! Well as it has been renowned by it’s popularity for video gaming and electronic entertainment largely. Some or the other way VR can be used in almost industry whether it be retail, real estate or healthcare. According to the R&D market research the use of VR has be astonishingly increased in a few years and will increase in the coming years. As a matter of fact, it has been growing with the names such as, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard etc.

So why do we use printers for? We could say, for having a hardcopy of the data I have on my computer screen. But can you imagine printing something 3 dimensional! Yes it is possible. It is possible to print 3D objects just in a jiffy. As a result of  such an extraordinary invention 3D printers are a powerful tool to be used for applications like microfluidics, educational models, and prototyping. The implementation of such technology has already become very prominent, they are used for medical science; for instance constructing a real human heart!