Irish Poets Open Your Eyes – Poetry and Dissatisfaction

Kavanagh believes a poet was bestowed with a greater sense of self-affirmation and self-power; see, understanding and realising the beauty in simple, everyday things.

Form and Structure
Five quatrains in rhyming couplets (except stanza 4) with repeated imperatives leading to a final climatic couplet.

Rhyme and Rhythm
Roughly seven beats in each line. Swiftness in rhythm and it has an engaging pace and flows freely.

Conversational and restful, Kavanagh appears to be at his most assured

“Irish poets open your eyes”Direct address and imperative”Even Cabra” working class district in Dublin”Try the dog tracks” take a gamble on what you don’t expect”Shelbourne Park” greyhound stadium in South Dublin.

Ordinary places, waiting for a poet to transform them into verse.”Could you pray at all….” Suggests lack of religion among Irish poets, can comment on Yeats, who devised his own ideology around region and advocated the anti-Christ in the “Second Coming”. “In pro-cathedral” Mocking those who pray in superior places”Till a breath of simple easy”Provokes Q; was simplicity what Yeats feared?”Feed your Freudian distress”Austrian psychiatrist with theories of unconscious mind.

Simple everyday desires may free the poet from defence mechanism of repression. Poets don’t need to be philosophical and should be free.”Super dance away your care”Tries to get poets to force away feeling of constant depression, they are not the only ones with a hard life and should not take themselves too seriously.”be ordinary”Poets do not see themselves as part of the world. Inviting them to humanity and to find inspiration in everything things as oppose to mythical. Yeats was a symbolist poet.”Learn repose on Bordeom’s bed”Personification to emphasis that poets have to learn to take life easy”Deep, anonymous, unread”Those uneducated can still be poets.”And the God of Literature will touch a moment to endure”They should take their time to be still and relax, the God of literature will provide inspiration and they will be cured of their unrest.