ISLAM · Biology (branch of science which deals


of Islam and science

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 The word Islam is derived from the Arabic root
word meaning peace and submission. It is ideal system of living for complete
code of life.


word science is derived from the Latin word “SCIENTIA” which means knowledge.
Science is a systematic way of acquiring about the earth’s nature or
environment as well as universe in which we live.                      

                  Science has vast variety of
divisions/branches some of them are given below such as:

Physics (branch of science which deal with energy and
matter and also their interactions)

Chemistry (branch of science which deals with the
chemical compositions)

Biology (branch of science which deals with the study
of living organisms)

Astronomy ( branch of science which deals with the
study of  stars, planets and universe)

Geology (branch of science which deals with the study
of earth)




          “Science without religion is lame.
Religion without science is blind”

therefore study the Quran analyze whether the Quran and modern science are
compatible or incompatible? The relation of Islam with different branches is
given below along with the proof.


contains the following verse regarding the origin of universe.


“Do not the unbelievers see that the
heavens and the earth were joined (as one unit of creation) before we love them
as under
” (AL QURAN 21:30)

to (Naik, march 2000) in the beginning the
universe was a one big mass (which was named as primary nebula. Later on big
bang theory was introduced who resulted in the formation of galaxies. It was
believed that galaxies then split into planet, stars, sun, and moon.


Figure 1:
planetary system




        Our holy prophet said that:


                     “Do not drink water while

hadith was later on proved by many scientists. When we stand and drinks water flows
easily and in great volume down the food canal and splashes onto the lower
stomach wall .it causes damages to the other organs nearby .it can also
disturbs the balance of other body fluid. This results in joint problem known

Figure 2:
drinking water while standing and sitting

verse which relate biology with Islam is



“And to performed as slat pry prayers and to be obedient to Allah”
(al Quran 72:6)

science proved that long Sajda increase eye sight; brain works more efficiently
and protects us from heart diseases. It was proved by the medical sciences that
rukoo with straight legs results in no joint problem ARTHITIS. So not only from
the Islamic point of view but also form the scientific point of view Sajda is
beneficial for health.

Figure 3:
man performing Sajda

we all know that fruit comes from the plants. Some of the plants have a male
and a female gender (Bucaille). But also in some
cases some fruits come from unfertilized flowers known as parthenocarpy for
example banana pineapple, orange this fact was also mentioned in in the Quran.


“And of all fruits (GOD) placed on the earth in two pairs” (AL QURAN


Figure 4: male female date trees

Quran also shows the evidence of
fingerprints on the fingers


“We are able to put together in perfect order the every tips of his
finger “(AL Quran 75:4)

Figure 5:

proved this fact that every one’s either he is alive or dead has its own
specific finger print that is why it is accepted as the important identity of
the person.



Islam and chemistry:

to the chemists, There is a barrier at the meeting point of two seas/oceans (or
a river and a sea) because of own temperature, salinity and density.

example the water of Mediterranean Sea enters the Atlantic sea over the
Gibraltar and then its travels about several hundred kilometers in the Atlantic
Ocean at about 1000 meters of the depth with its own less dense, saline and
warm character (DAVIS, 92-93) and the Quran says


”He (god) has set free two seas
meeting together. There is a barrier between them. They do not transgress” (al
Quran 55:19-20)

Figure 6:
barrier between two seas

also says that

“He is the one who has set free the
two kinds of water, one sweet and palatable, and the other salty and bitter.
And he (god) has made between them a barrier and a forbidding partition” (al
Quran 25:53)

Islam and physics:

physics the theory of relativity has a great proof of miraj.Before the theory
of relativity was known, there were many questions being arose on the incident
of miraj.But through theory of relativity we can definitely prove that mairaj
was not only the prophet(PBUH).

             Speed of light “c” is assumed to
be 1.86×

 miles per second. According to the special theory of relativity
time is not an absolute quantity time depends upon the motion of frame of reference (prof.DR.MRS.FOUZIA
SALEEMI, may 2016).The
theory of relativity says that if a person or any object is made to travel with
the speed of light, then the time needed to travel approaches to zero second.

               As the journey of the prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) was done on the horse called AL-Buraq, which means made of is obvious that Al Buraq being made to light will travel with the
speed of light .therefore, it can be imagined that prophet (PBUH) went up to
seventh sky, spend some time there with Almighty and returned back and all this
happened on the same night within moments or very little time of earth.

Figure 7:
Clock spiral

Islam and geology:

is the study of earth or anything related to the earth

origin of life in water is sternly supported in the holy Quran.


         “And we made everything from of water”                          (Al Quran 21:30)

is believed that early forms of life developed in oceans or pools this verse
states a universal reality that the source of all life and everything is made
of water (DR.Willam George, first published
in 2010).total
volume of water on the earth can be estimated as 1.386 billion miles in which
salted water is about 97%, water in the form of icecaps is about 2% and fresh
water in lakes streams or river are about 1%.

important characteristics are mentioned in the Quran about the mountains.


“Did we not make the earth a resting
place? And the mountains as stakes” (AL NABA 78:6-7)


Figure 8:
Mount Everest

Quran indicates
that mountains have deep roots by using word stakes to describe them .the fact
that mountains have deep stakes like roots was not known until after the
development of the theory of the plate of tectonic in the beginning of the



There are many scientific facts found
in Quran is important to note that the Quran is not a book of science but that
it is consistent with science

The Quran informs us that we have a
purpose in life .God guidance will lead us to the inner peace. And that
rejection of his massage will lead to depression in this life and the life here

“We shall show them our signs in the
universe and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that is the truth.
Is it not enough that your lord is the witness of all things” (Al Quran 41:53)


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