It and even delightful to work with. As

It is with utmost enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jhukhirtha Marhi Arokiasamy, who was my student for the courses of Basic Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Optical Communication and Network(OCN) and Telecom Network Management (TNM)(theoretical & practical). As an Assistant Professor in the Electronics and Telecommunication Department and the project guide of her final year project , Through both of these experiences that spanned 4 years, Jhukhirtha showed excellent qualities for advanced work – she was hard-working, intelligent, ambitious, uniquely resourceful , adaptive , personable , energetic and even delightful to work with.  


As her academic instructor, the 3 courses that I tutored her were challenging that required individual and collaborative work .The assignments, practical laboratory sessions and classroom discussions required a clear understanding of fundamental concepts and their respective applications. Her written assignments and laboratory work were reflective of her insight, analytic skill, enthusiasm and motivation to learn. She performed exceptionally well in the OCN course.

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Her sound understanding of Communication concepts coupled with a natural inclination towards Communication and Wireless Network Engineering consequently led her to pursue advanced projects on Wireless Sensor Network(WSN). In her final-year project, she and her teammates set out to implement a Hardware Prototype of hybrid VANET (Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network) integrated with a WSN that performs cooperative intervehicular collision warning and detection. Jhukhirtha and her team were always receptive to new ideas .They had incorporated many of my suggestions such as, implementation of a hardware prototype of the system as opposed to a software simulation and performed comparative analysis of transmission parameters, types and modes of transceiver RF modules and processing unit, based on the result of this analysis they tweaked key hardware elements in their project. She delivered enriching presentations, produced cogent documentation, always going the extra mile , leading the team towards the ultimate milestone in a deadline bound environment. This project is a testament to Jhukhirtha’s Research, Communication, Teamwork, conflict resolution and organizational skills


Jhukhirtha has been a valuable asset to the department and the college as a whole. Her election to the post of Vice-Chairperson and Secretary of IETE-ISF council speaks volumes as to how her peers perceive her. Through all four year of college she has been at the forefront of many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. She also helmed the sponsorship committee of the intercollegiate technical festival ‘Colosseum’, where she led a team of 7 and generated sponsorship that ran into lakhs of rupees. Her performance in these roles and the manner in which she tackled these responsibilities with spirit and sophistication, interacting with both students and faculty in an effective, responsible manner is a telling sign of her knowledge, interpersonal skills and ability to implement complex events and projects involving systems and people.


As an educator with close to two decades of close interaction with students and industry experts, I can vouch that she would be an excellent addition to the graduate program at your prestigious university. She has the unique combination of education and real-world experience that is required to thrive in a graduate program. Jhukhirtha has waived the right to view this letter.