It be able to speak in another language.

       It is known that the purpose of teaching
English is communication, so the issues of whether the learners will
communicate in English when they have the chance and what will affect their
preference to communicate gain importance. One of the basic problems in
foreign language teaching is to prepare learners to be able to use the
language. As the learners are not enough confident and feel shy and also afraid of making mistakes in speaking English, the lack of
practices affect their study and performance .How this preparation is
done, and how successful it is, depends very much on how we as teachers
understand our aims. For instance, it
is obvious that in order to be able to speak a foreign language one needs to
know how to articulate sounds in a
comprehensible manner, have an adequate vocabulary, and also gain the mastery
of syntax in order to be able to speak in
another language. These various elements add up to linguistic competence.
However, while linguistic competence is
necessary, it is not sufficient for someone who wants to communicate
effectively in another language, therefore, communicative competence includes
linguistic competence and a range of other sociolinguistic and conversational
skills that enable the speaker to know how to say what to say and when (Nunan, 1999). According to these mentioned
issues, the present study investigates the effect of
classroom structure as an aspect of learning environment on
Iranian EFL learners.

            The learner’s preference towards communication
which integrates psychological, linguistic, and communicative variables to
describe, explain, and predict second language (L2) communication, has been
developed by
McIntyre, Clement, Dornyei, and Noels (1998).They define preference
to communicate as a readiness to enter into discourse at a particular time with
a specific person or people, using L2. So this study has explored a new
technique to attract and involve students in speaking by investigating firstly,
the effectiveness of using classroom discussion on student’s speaking skill in
secondary school students. Secondly, it has investigated the effectiveness of
online discussion on the same participants.

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           In Iran, like most of other countries, this
new method of communication has been neglected and never been paid attention
despite of its amazing facilities. In this research, the researchers made an
attempt to operationalize this technology in the process of language teaching
to see whether using it is worthy and valuable or it makes no big difference.