It of 457 pipelines. This led oil prices

It would be
easy to pretend that what happens in each area of the world won’t have any
consequences in the neighbouring countries, but the truth is that everything is
connected, especially with the size of today’s global trade system as the
2008-2009 American financial crisis has shown.

One example
being the tragedy that happened in the summer of 2005 due to a series of
hurricanes, in particular Hurricane Katrina, that led to a political, social,
economic and security crises in the United States, with consequences that
branched to everywhere else in the Globe. A disaster that the rest of the world
studied from the outside trying to determine how a hurricane no stronger than a
category 3 hitting a vulnerable area, became one of the costliest natural disasters, and one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history
of the United States. 

With 1,833 fatalities, $41.1
billion in insurance claims, more than one million people in the Gulf region (area
where 50% of the population lives by the coast) were displaced by the storm and
in New Orleans it soon was chaos.

Anarchy spread, gun battles and
rapes were plaguing the hurricane afflicted areas, and this led to the
questionable and tragic order given by Senator Kathleen Blanco to the National
Guard to “shoot to kill” if confronted with violent offenders.


After this the Gulf of Mexico (which sees the production of over a
quarter of U.S. oil and close to 15% of U.S.’s natural gas) bore the
consequences of Hurricane Katrina and the consequential flooding, causing the
destruction of 113 oil platforms and the damage of 457 pipelines.  This  led oil prices to spike above $70 per barrel all around
the globe. 

Such an unprecedented impact on the American industry
that didn’t leave the rest of the world unshook. A lot of questions have been
raised after such an event by their allies and enemies; how prepared are the
U.S. for emergencies? How dependent is the rest of the world on the U.S.? Is an
alliance with the U.S. with interest in its resources going to create potential