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It is one thing to watch a bird on television and another to see it with your own eyes. When you are looking for them in the woods, through your window or in the forest, you should be prepared with the right equipment and one important thing is a pair of bird watching optics. Bird watching optics is essential because it is impossible to see a bird hiding behind a tree with the naked eye. Since you will be carrying other things along, it is only right that this is compact and lightweight. But is it enough to have bird watching optics to make your excursion successful? The answer is no because you need to wear the right attire, have a bag and a bird watching guide so the birds you see can easily identified.Bird watchers should wear a birding vest that has several pockets. The typical kind has about ten which makes it easy for the user to put things such as lens cap, lip palm, insect repellant, water and some snacks instead of stopping and pulling these out of the bag. Ideally, this uses a Velcro seal instead of a zipper or a button so you are sure that whatever in your pockets is secure. You don’t want to be caught should it rain so it is also a good idea to bring a long a rain jacket. If the weather is quite sunny, it is advisable to bring along a hat so you don’t get sunburn even if you have already put lotion on the exposed parts of your body. The hat also has another purpose and that is to keep hair away from your face and eyes. Bird watching takes hours which is why it is important to put all your stuff in a backpack. It should have some food, water, compass, notebook, field maps and even an extra pair of bird watching optics. You should only carry what you need and avoid making it too heavy because it will be hard to carry when you get tired. If you want to capture an image of the birds you have seen, you can buy a pair of optics that is able to capture pictures and video. Naturally this is more expensive than the one you just look at but it is worth it when you are able to download these to your computer and show it off to other bird watchers. Bird watching is very popular and you don’t have to enroll in a class to join in the fun. You simply need to know what birds are in your area so you know what you are looking for either by yourself or when you are with a group. As for the right pair of bird watching optics, you have to do some research first by comparing the price, looking at its features if it has interchangeable lenses or if it can be mounted on a tripod and lastly looking at consumer reviews since these people know what they are talking about before they decide to recommend this to others.  The key to this hobby is patience. After sitting around for a few minutes or maybe an hour, you might just spot the bird a few yards away and see it up close and personal with the help of your bird watching optics.